Have you set a New Year’s resolution to move into your dream home in 2016? If you are looking for a way to move into a home that is better suited for your family, then right now is a great time to get started. For many people, the first step is to put up a real estate listing for their current home, in order to sell their home and buy another home at the same time.  In this article we will discuss Why the New Year is the Perfect Time to Sell Your Home.

Don’t Miss the Boat!

Now that the holiday season is over, many families are getting back into their regular day-to-day routines of work and school. You might be tempted to hold off on the process of selling your home until the weather warms up and you have more time later in year, but you might make a huge mistake by delaying the process.

Instead of waiting to contact an Atlanta real estate agent, it is a good idea for you to take action right away. January is actually one of the best times of year to have your home listed on the market, because the competition is low. Since many people wait until the spring and summer to put up their real estate listings, you can get ahead of the curve by moving quickly before the competition goes up later this year.

Buyers are Searching Right Now

The rationale for waiting to sell a home is typically because the homeowner is waiting for warmer weather or a convenient time to move. But, buyers are looking for homes throughout the year, which means that right now there are many buyers and not a lot of inventory for them to choose from. By listing your home on the market as soon as possible, it will increase the likelihood that you will be able to quickly and easily sell your home.

Typically, buyers are searching for a new home when they need to move locations for work or if their family has expanded. In these situations, buyers are interested in moving quickly instead of waiting for a few more months. You can take advantage of this urgency by having your home ready to go, so that you can sell as soon as you connect with a good buyer.

Let the Experts Help

At Duffy Realty of Atlanta, we are experienced with marketing real estate listings throughout the year. We know the strategies that work most effectively in January, and we are ready to help you get your home listed so that you can sell while the competition is low.

For more information about affordable real estate listings and marketing services, we invite you to contact us today. Our experienced team is always available to answer your questions and help with anything that you need. Whether you are selling a home or looking for a home to purchase, the best thing that you can do is contact the leading real estate company in the area, Duffy Realty of Atlanta: (678) 318-1700.  We hope that you enjoyed Why the New Year is the Perfect Time to Sell Your Home.

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