Open houses are a great option to view multiple properties quickly to find the home of your dreams. These tours are essential to help you see the different options that are available to find the right home for your family. It can take a lot of time to view homes in your area, so some homebuyers prefer open houses because they can stop by during the open to quickly see the property without scheduling an appointment.  This article discusses What to Look for at a Real Estate Open House.

When you walk through a real estate open house, it is easy to overlook important things that might impact the value of the home. These are a few things that you should be looking at each time you visit a home that you are interested in purchasing:

Quality of Framing and the Roof

The structure of the property matters if you want a durable home. Ask about the age of the roof, because it can be expensive to replace or repair an older roof. Look at the quality of the roof and ask the seller’s real estate agent about the last time the roof was repaired or installed.

Accidents and Insurance Claims

Ask about any insurance claims that have been filed for the property. If the house has been through some natural disaster or an accident, then it is possible that there might be ongoing problems that you will need to address in the future. For example, insurance claims for mold remediation might be a warning sign that you should keep looking for another home that will be a better fit for your family.

Plumbing Issues

You might not be able to see the quality of the pipes within the walls, but a few questions can go a long way to help you know more about the quality of the plumbing system. Look at the faucets and fixtures in the sinks and showers. Also, find out the type of sewer system that is used for the property, and the responsible party if something goes wrong. As you are walking through the home, look for any signs of water damage or leaking pipes.

Window Quality

The windows that are in the home can make a big difference for the money that you are spending on monthly utilities. Check the quality of windows and find out the ratings of the windows that are installed. These features can affect the price of the home, and you might have a negotiation point if the windows will need to be upgraded after you move in.

Have a Trusted Real Estate Agent by Your Side

When you are walking through an open house, it is essential that you have an experienced real estate agent by your side. The right real estate agent will have a trained eye to spot potential problems that you might overlook on your own.

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