Year after year we have continued the tradition of raising and matching the toys for Toys for Tots.  It’s important to us at DUFFY Realty of Atlanta to support the community.  We do many charitable acts helping the homeless, at-risk and home owners.  Rhonda and Frank Duffy and team have also done over 70 charity auctions performing all of the auction house services pro bono.  However, our favorite charity to support has become Toys for Tots over the last 6 years.  Many years our whole lobby was filled to the brim with toys from the community.  We match ever toy delivered to us.  One year it took a semi truck to come and get the toys and bikes.  It was exciting.  Toys for Tots Donation by Duffy Realty.

Here is the post that we have run every year!  THOUSANDS of Toys for Tots have been raised and matched by DUFFY and semi trucks have to come to pick up all those Toys for Tots!  THANK you DUFFY Clients and supporters on behalf of Toys for Tots.  YOU ROCK!

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