If you need an ice cream truck for your special event, DUFFY Realty has your back. We do ice cream truck parties for our clients. Here’s the best part, it’s FREE to you!

Our “Home Sweet Home” Ice Cream Truck is available for company picnics, fairs, and parades. And did I mention it’s FREE. Oh yeah, I did!

There is no better treat for your family, guests, coworkers, attendees or vendors than free ice cream from our nostalgic ice cream truck. The DUFFY “Home Sweet Home” Ice Cream Truck also makes a great fundraiser for your church, synagogue, school or non-profit organization.

An ice cream truck is a rolling provider of love that serves as a mobile outlet for ice cream, usually during the summer. Ice cream trucks are often seen parked at public events, or near parks or playgrounds or other areas where people congregate. Ice cream vans often travel near where children play — outside schools in residential areas, perfect for going away or welcome to the neighborhood parties, or in other locations. They usually stop briefly before moving on to the next unless they are invited to the location by homeowners like the DUFFY Realty ice cream truck. Along the sides, a large sliding window acts as a serving hatch, and this is often covered with small pictures of the available products, with their associated prices. Most ice cream trucks tend to sell soft serve ice cream from a machine, served in a cone unless it’s the DUFFY Realty ice cream truck, where it is always FREE. While franchises or chains are rare within the ice cream truck community  some do exist.

Call DUFFY Realty for your FREE Ice Cream Truck party!


DUFFY Realty's Ice Cream Truck