Before you list your home, you will definitely want to begin preparing your house to sell. To minimize your workload and your budget, try to think of ways to increase your home’s appeal without incurring heavy expenses for maintenance and upgrades.


Before you spend money on improvements, spend some time decluttering. Sift through piles of paperwork sitting on your counter. Go through your children’s toys and find a way to dispose of those they’ve outgrown. Remove clothes and shoes you don’t need and make a trip to your local thrift shop.

One benefit of decluttering is that a cleaner space makes the rooms in your house seem larger. In turn, this increases the appeal of your house compared to similar-sized homes. According to, to declutter your home, you should get rid of anything you have not used in over one year, create organized storage and remove furniture that does not fit in with your overall decor.


When you are preparing your house to sell, keep in mind that your ultimate goal is to find someone else to move in. Potential buyers must be able to picture their family living in your house. To help them visualize, it’s a good idea to remove any large family photographs from the walls. The same goes for your kids’ artwork, or any other personal decorative touches that might distract would-be home buyers from considering your house. Although this may be difficult for you, take consolation in the fact that you are getting a head start with your packing.

Curb appeal

When initially attracting potential buyers, curb appeal is extremely important. Check the exterior of your home for chips, cracks or loose shutters; it might be worth hiring a contractor to power-clean or do maintenance on your exterior if the problems are widespread. To improve your home’s exterior appearance, spend some time trimming hedges and trees, and always make sure the walkways are tidy and clear of debris. Place planters around the front door of your house to brighten the entryway. You want buyers compelled to come into your home and not repelled to go to the neighbor’s.


Aside from cosmetic upgrades, which you will want to keep to a minimum, and decluttering, you will very likely need to make some actual repairs. Any issue that may become a problem in a home inspection should be corrected in advance. This may include fixing leaky faucets, broken garbage disposals or old electrical outlets that may short out.

When preparing your house to sell, try to view your living space as an outsider would see it. Think about the way your home smells and sounds, as well. Does the heater rattle when it kicks on? Is there a musty smell in your basement? Anything you can do to make your home shine and sparkle will help attract buyers and lead to a successful home sale.

Image source: Flickr