Did you know that your furniture layout might have an effect on how quickly your home sells? If your home is on the market, then you need to learn a little bit about staging to maximize the appearance of each room in the house. When you are working with an experienced Atlanta real estate agent, you will receive advice and guidance about changes that you can make to improve your home staging.  In this article we will discuss Staging Your Home: How to Arrange Furniture to Speed Up the Sale of Your Home.

Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind when you are arranging the furniture in your house:

Less is More

Too much furniture can make a room feel small and overcrowded. Usually, it is best to stick with fewer pieces of furniture instead of having too much in your home. If you need to, it can be beneficial to rent a storage unit for a little while in order to keep your extra furniture stored at an off-site location.

Get Rid of Clutter

Trinkets, toys and knick-knacks can overcrowd shelves and closets, and make the house seem like it isn’t big enough to handle everything. If you decide to hire a professional stager to help, one of the first topics they will address is the amount of clutter in your home. It is possible that you might be asked to remove as much as half the stuff that you have stored away in your closets and cupboards.

Grouping the Furniture

Most people assume that they can make a room feel bigger by pushing the furniture up against the wall, but there are some advantages to leaving space between the walls and the furniture. Float the furniture away from the walls and group it strategically to support the traffic flow in the room. This strategy will make the room look larger.

Lighting and Fixtures

If you want your home to look welcoming and inviting, then you need to make sure that you have good lighting. When a potential home buyer walks into a well-lit home, they will be more comfortable as they are touring the home. Change out your lightbulbs to increase the wattage, and consider adding a lamp or two if a room is still dark

Keep it Neutral

Maintaining neutral colors and décor is a good strategy when selling a home. These neutral decorations leave a plain pallet for potential buyers to work with, making it easier for them to imagine their family in the space. If you have unusual paint colors or loud artwork, consider changing things out before you list the property on the Atlanta real estate market.

Do you want more tips about setting up your home in the right way to speed up the sale of the property? At Duffy Realty of Atlanta, we are experts in the Atlanta real estate market! Contact us today, and we will gladly assist with the sale of your home: (678) 318-1700.  We hope you enjoyed our article on Staging Your Home: How to Arrange Furniture to Speed Up the Sale of Your Home.

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