Whenever someone is buying or selling a home, it is common for them to ask about current real estate market trends. Are there anticipated changes on the horizon? Sellers want to list their home at the peak of the real estate market to maximize home equity. On the other hand, buyers want to invest when the prices are low.

If you are considering the option to move your family into a new home, then you should watch the real estate market to know how the prices are trending. Most homeowners don’t know how to decipher this information for themselves, which is why they need to work with a trusted Atlanta real estate agent.

At DUFFY Realty, we are always watching the local real estate market so that we can help our clients maximize the investment in their homes. Here are a few signposts that we have found that indicate that the market is topped out or hit bottom:

Top or Bottom of the Real Estate Market

When the market hits bottom, then you might consider holding onto the property for a while to regain some equity. If it is at the top, then right now is a great time to sell that you can ask a high price for the property.

You can tell that the bottom or top is near when:

  • Overpriced properties are being taken off the market after sitting with no interest for long periods of time.
  • Reduced or increased number of for sale signs in the neighborhood.
  • The media is talking about a slowdown in the real estate market.
  • People start investing in real estate again, assuming that there is a strong profit margin when the trends turn around and the prices start to increase.
  • The Fed leaves the interest rates low to encourage more home sales.
  • Home prices are dropping, or the prices have been dropping, and now they are starting to level out.
  • Prices are increasing, which could indicate that the market hit bottom and is on the upswing.

Even if you notice these signs, the best thing that you can do is talk to an experienced real estate agent for advice about when to buy or sell a home. There are certain times of year when it is easiest to list a home and quickly find a buyer, and an experienced real estate agent can assist with this process.

You deserve to work with the best team when you are buying or selling your family home. We invite you to contact us at DUFFY Realty. You will see the DUFFY difference and how we stand out from the other real estate companies in the Atlanta area.

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