A good school district when buying or selling a home is a huge asset. If you are a seller, you should use the school district to your advantage and market it as a part of the package that a buyer gets when buying your home. If you are a buyer, research the best school districts in the Atlanta area and consider the benefits of buying in that area. In this article we will discuss how Schools Can Make the Grade for Your Home. You’d be surprised how much a successful school district can help you in the home buying or selling process.

Do your research.

There are many different resources you can use to research the caliber of schools in an area. You can start at the Georgia Department of Education website to research important statistics like teacher to student ratios, enrollment information, and graduation rates. You can even look into the performance on each school on tests and assessments. Another avenue to explore is the actual district website. They have more specific information about the schools in their area, or you can visit the websites of the schools in your area to see exact information about the community that surrounds individual schools. They will also have the courses and services they offer. Keep in mind, sellers: any stellar information you find about a district or school should be a part of your marketing plan. Report information about the schools in your area to buyers. This way they can see what kind of benefits they will be getting from your property. Buyers, if the seller does not provide this information for you, do some research for yourself. So you can see what kind of investment you’d be making by buying in a particular school district.

Another great way to find out more about the school is by talking to parents of students at the school. During a showing or open house, ask the seller or neighbors what they think of the schools in the area. Especially the public schools. You may even want to visit the schools in the area to see what the atmosphere is like and meet some of the administrators. If the property is located near high-scoring private schools, it would be wise to also research those schools, their performance, and obviously, their costs.

High-performing schools increase home value.

Even if you don’t have children who will be attending the excellent schools in your area, keep in mind that those schools increase the value of your home. High-scoring schools can increase home value by $205,000 in the surrounding neighborhoods. Buyers should keep this in mind when buying. This will greatly improve their investment. And sellers should keep in mind that some buyers may actively avoid areas that are in low-scoring school districts. In those cases, you should market your home in different ways.

Overall, never discount the importance of the school district in which a property is located. Even if you don’t have children who will attend the school, consider the effects of living in a particular school district. We hope you enjoyed this article on how Schools Can Make the Grade for Your Home.

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