Today’s home buyers have access to great, free tools that buyers in the past didn’t have: real estate websites. Websites not only show you homes available in your area, but they also offer tips to help guide you through the home-buying process and can put you in touch with buyer’s agents in your city. Before you start looking at homes in person, check out the offerings on various real estate websites to get a feel for what’s out there. Check out the sites below to get started.

Duffy Realty of Atlanta

Regardless of where you’re looking in the Atlanta area — be it Cherokee County, Coweta County, or any spot in between — be sure to stop by the Duffy Realty of Atlanta website. There, you’ll find around 800 listings of homes for sale in the area, listed by Rhonda Duffy herself. You will also have access to all the 34,000 homes listed in the Atlanta market, and even find properties that have not been listed yet, offering an opportunity to a great purchase before the general public receives the information. You can sort the listings based on the city or neighborhood you want to live in, your maximum price and the minimum square feet. The website also allows you to compare neighborhoods in a number of counties and cities in Georgia. If you decide you would like to work with Duffy, you can read testimonials about the company’s buyer’s agents and fill out a form to hire one right on the website.


Trulia lets you look at homes for sale or rent across the United States. Each listing contains complete details, such as the number of bedrooms, the square footage, the age of the house and the type of heating system used. Most listings also contain photos, so you can get a feel for the house without leaving the comfort of your home. The site also includes public records and tax information for each property listed. If you’re interested in a particular house listed on Trulia, you can contact an agent directly through the site.


Like Trulia, Zillow lets you look at homes for sale or rent in your area, complete with pictures and full details. The website also lists “pre-market” homes, which are houses that are either about to go into foreclosure proceedings or houses that a seller is listing on the site to gauge interest before actually putting the home up for sale. One nice feature of Zillow is that it offers “Zestimates” of houses. The “Zestimate” is the value Zillow thinks a house is worth. You can use it to see if the seller is asking too much for the house or if the price offered is substantially lower than the estimated value — both of which can be red flags. also provides listing information for homes across the country. You’ll also find a “market summary” for your area, which includes the average listing price for a home, the number for sale and the number sold recently, as well as the number of foreclosures, open houses and price reductions in your area.

Real estate websites let you get a head start on your search. See what sites might work best for you!

Image Source: Flickr