Praise from Custom Home Builder!

This is just a note to thank Victoria personally and Duffy Realty for assisting me with a very complicated double closing on a home in Alpharetta. I’m impressed in how efficient your service is and how much your critical analysis of contracts helped an almost impossible closing to come to fruition.  Your personal business insight is refreshing, extremely candid and inspiring. I especially appreciated it when you challenged the standard sales contract “status quo” and not only helped guide me thru the rough patches but also level-set and answered all of the buyers agents questions and concerns.  Your ability to handle multiple transactions; work ethic that won’t quit; understanding of business processes; and ability to operate both strategically and tactically are the business skills and qualities which will always come to mind when I think of Victoria.

Your passion for what you do is evident in all your actions including conference calls, one-on-ones and emails. I really feel like you are not only looking out for my best interest but also the buyers and that makes all the difference.

In sum, Victoria is an excellent contracts specialist and I look forward to working again with her in the future!

All the best!
Vincent Longo


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