We’ve heard it said time and time again: the kitchen is the heart of the home. If you want to create long-lasting memories with your family, then you need to be sure that you have a kitchen that creates a natural gathering area for the home.

Many times, the quality of the kitchen is at the top of the priority list for home buyers. A nice kitchen can be the deciding factor to buy a home, and an outdated kitchen might make you continue looking at other properties.

How do you know if a kitchen will best suit the needs of your family? Here are a few factors to consider:

Gathering Area for Parties

If you are hosting a birthday party or a Superbowl gathering, the kitchen will be a central place to stage the food and events. You need to be sure that there is enough counter space to display the food and prepare everything. Also, the kitchen needs to have enough floor space so that people can easily move in and out of the room without feeling like they are tripping over other people.

Choose a kitchen that is open and inviting. For parties, it is often best to have the kitchen connected with the main living area of the home. Instead of thinking about a separate kitchen, look for a space that has one large great room.

Storage Space

Whether you need a big fridge to store the supplies for your juice cleanse or you want to be sure that the kids have plenty of snacks available, storage space is always a valuable commodity. Consider the size of the cupboards and look for a home that offers a spacious butler’s pantry. Think about the way you might layout your dishes and cooking supplies in the kitchen to ensure that the flow of the room will match your preferences.

Updated Features

Whether or not you like the retro style of a 30-year-old oven, it is essential that you understand the inconvenience it might be if the appliance has problems. When you are popping in a pizza for game night, it can be frustrating if the oven isn’t reliable enough to evenly cook the pizza.

If there are old appliances in the kitchen and the cupboards need to be updated, then you might set aside a renovation fund to give the room a facelift. Remodeling will give you the opportunity to create the kitchen you have always wanted.

Access to the Yard

Does your family enjoy hosting backyard barbecues? Make sure that the kitchen is easy to access from the back porch so that you can carry food out for the party. It is also nice to have a window that overlooks the yard so that you can see the kids playing outside.

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