It’s no secret that most homeowners view the kitchen as the most important room of the house. The quality of a kitchen can sometimes make or break a home sale. That’s why it’s vital to master the top kitchen tips for selling your house.

The kitchen is the hub of the house. It’s where the multitasking family tends to gather throughout the day. Meals are being prepared while kids are doing homework or surfing the Internet. Friends and family members cozy up to the kitchen island to chat, eat and drink. The look and function of the kitchen often leaves the strongest lasting impression on would-be homebuyers — for good or bad.

When it comes this year’s trends, a streamlined look is key. According to John Petrie, 2014 National Kitchen & Bathroom Association president, “While transitional styles are still number one, we see kitchen design trending more contemporary this year, with clean, simple lines; less clutter, and little ornamentation.” Here are some of the top kitchen tips for selling your house.


Get rid of the small, extra appliances lining your kitchen counters. Additionally, clutter such as fruit bowls, loaves of bread and weeks’ worth of mail shouldn’t be taking residence on your counters. Consider items that will add to the aesthetics of the kitchen: a bouquet of flowers, a stylish wine rack, a few tasteful accents that add to the beauty of the kitchen. Buyers love opening cabinets and pantries, so clear out all those half-empty boxes of holiday crackers that expired a month ago. Organize and simplify.


Now’s the time to go into deep-cleaning mode. Scrub everything, including the insides of cabinets and drawers. Clean your garbage disposal, and make the sink and faucet sparkle. Scour those floors so there’s not a single trace of grub or grime. Dirty windows and dusty shutters can be a big turnoff, and cleaning them is an easy fix.

Focusing on the appliances

Make them sparkle, especially stove tops and the insides of your fridge and freezer. Scrub the surfaces and clear out expired foods, especially those in the deep recesses of the freezer. Ensure that appliances are all working properly.

If appliances are energy-efficient, make sure to let potential buyers know. Do they have an Energy Star label? If so, make sure that information is clearly stated. Display the appliance pamphlets, or print out the information from the Internet. Buyers want to know about appliances that use nearly 20 percent less energy, are more durable and perform better.

Set the table and add a beautiful centerpiece

Sometimes something as simple as beautiful table settings and a stylish centerpiece can help a buyer envision his or her family sitting together at mealtime. Centerpieces don’t have to be extravagant. A bowl of lemons or a small bouquet can do wonders to brighten up a room.

Don’t let your kitchen turn off potential buyers. With some cleaning and editing, you can make sure that your kitchen is attractive and appealing.

Image source: morgueFile