When you walk into the playroom, does it look like the toy closet was hit by a bomb? As a parent, you love the excitement of hearing your kids playing with their toys, but it can be frustrating to walk into a room that is messy and unorganized. Some parents simply give up on organizing the toy room because they don’t think that it is possible to stay ahead of the mess. But, with proper planning, you can create a space that is both fun and organized for your kids.

Toy room organization is especially important if you are preparing to sell your home. When buyers come to see the property, you want to show them that it is a great home to raise a family. At the same time, you need to avoid the stress that it can cause if a potential buyer sees a closet over-loaded with too many toys.

Buy the Right Furniture

The first step to organizing the carefully designed playroom is to make sure that you have the right furniture. Investing in high-quality organizational tools can be the perfect option to give your kids a place to store their items. Use shelves, baskets, and bins that can hold the toys and keep everything in one place.

Instead of open shelves that show the clutter, consider the benefit of putting baskets or bins on the shelves. When it is time to clean up the carefully designed playroom, the bins can be set on the floor so that the kids can load in the toys. Then, you can slide the bin onto the shelf to hide the mess inside.

If your child keeps their toys in the bedroom, then you might consider the advantages of a bed with storage underneath. These beds have big drawers that can be opened for clothing or toy storage as needed.

Sort Similar Toys

Plastic tubs can be a great way to keep similar toys sorted and organized. For example, have all of the Barbie dolls and clothes in one bin, the Hot Wheels in another bin, and a large basket for the stuffed animals. Teach your kids about the importance of cleaning up after they are done playing. You might set a rule that they can only play with one tub at a time, to avoid mixing the different types of toys.

Get Rid of Old and Broken Items

It seems like kids are always getting new toys for their birthday and holidays. There is no reason for you to hang onto everything! Get rid of the clutter by throwing away broken toys and donating other items to charity. Some families have the rule that bringing in a new toy means that it is time to get rid of an old toy.

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