Does your house have odors things like from cigarette smoke or pets? It’s an important question to know the answer to when you’re trying to sell your home in the Atlanta area. It’s also important to know how to remove cigarette smell and other odors from your house, as you want to make it as appealing as possible to potential buyers. Over time, your nose gets used to certain odors, whether it’s the scent of the litter box or the scent of an ashtray. Be proactive about odors so that buyers don’t go running from your home.  In this article we will discuss How to remove cigarette smell and other odors from your home.

Cigarette and smoke smells

Figuring out how to remove cigarette smell from a house can be particularly tricky, as tobacco smoke leaves behind a lingering residue, known as third-hand smoke, according to Science Daily. Even if you quit smoking months ago, the residue can remain. Getting the smoke smell out of your home might take a bit of work. First things first, open up the windows and turn on fans to fully air out the home. Deep clean the home, making sure you get the windows, floors and walls. You may need to replace the carpets in the home and should have any drapes or curtains professionally cleaned.

Tobacco smoke can seep into the walls of your home, turning the paint color dingy and making it more likely for the smell to stick around. One way to reduce the odor is to repaint the walls, using a primer to trap the particles in the wall. If you’ve taken out the carpet, you might want to seal the floor with a coat or two of primer before recarpeting, too.

Cat odors

Even if your feline friend is litter trained, there might still be times when she uses another part of your home to relieve herself. Over time, your cat’s activities can lead to a buildup of odor. Stay on top of accidents and clean them up as they occur to keep your home from being overwhelmed by cat odor. Enzyme cleaners are particularly useful for cleaning up accidents, as the enzymes in them eat away at the cat urine. You can also use vinegar and water to clean up spills. If the cat’s gone on textiles, such as bedding or upholstery, you’ll want to have it professionally cleaned. Keep your cat from causing any odor issues when people view the house by having a relative or friend take her in for a while.

Cooking scents

Luckily, unlike cigarette smoke and cat odors, cooking smells don’t tend to linger long after you’ve prepared a meal. But if you prepare a particularly fragrant meal the day before a buyer comes to look at your house, you might want to be proactive about getting rid of the smell. Fill a mixing bowl with vinegar and leave it out overnight. Vinegar has deodorizing properties and will absorb the scents as you sleep. The next day, open up the windows to finish airing out your home.

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