Delegation is defined as to give power to someone else. Without delegation, you can not have team. So, before I tell you how to get a team, you must answer the question ‘Can others speak for you?’ If you are already getting sick to your stomach you must figure out why you don’t trust others and what you can do to change that. Otherwise, you can not have a team. Before learning to trust your subordinates, trying to have a team will only distract you from the power of actually having a team. In other words, you will most likely go broke. Broke mentally and financially. In this article we will discuss How To Get A Real Estate Team.

If you answered the question with a resounding yes, here are a few guidelines to building a team.

1. Don’t hire people that you perceive to have more power than you or that seem to have more experience than you. In other words, they tell you that they ran a Fortune 500 company for 10 years and before that they were an account representative for a major company for 25 years and ran a team with 10 assistants. This person can not work for others, they have always had people work for them. Stick with people who are not business owners and who like working for others. Otherwise, get ready… you won’t have a brave, you’ll have a chief at your door just wanting to tell you how things should be done!

2. Have all job descriptions and job duties in writing. This is not a long process. It is simply writing things down as they come to your mind. You are free to change the criteria at anytime and you must do so as business changes. Fancy is not good. Fancy is a waste of time in business. Look for the result and having the desired result in writing is so that everyone is on the same page. Be as detailed as possible asking why, who, what, when and how.

3. Have a work manual. Spell out the processes of how things are to be done. Check your work by following the process of what you wrote to see that you are right and on the correct course.

4. Don’t dote over the people. Training should be “Here is the manual, get to work.”

5. Role-play is good. Do it over and over.

6. Demand that people be on time (even before on time) and that they work even if they are sick. If they are too sick to perform, then send them home.

7. Hold democratic meetings and let people decide what should happen next and remind them that you hold veto power.

8. Hold and express the thought that their personal growth will be your personal growth.

So many people resist getting a team. Without a team, you won’t have the growth that you want. You will be stifled. Period.
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