One essential element to selling your home is to ensure that you have the right number of showings each week, because the showings lead to the offers. In fact, the number of home showings that are scheduled can be a good indicator to help you see if you have the home priced right on the real estate market.  In this article we will discuss How Many Showings a Month is considered a Success?

What is a Home Showing?

A home showing is an appointment when a potential buyer comes to see the property. The buyer’s real estate agent will schedule a time when they can bring their client to your home, which will give the potential buyer the opportunity to walk through the property. If a person schedules a home showing, then it is liktely that they are interested in the property. Typically, the online listing will be a filter to narrow down the people who are actually interested in the type of home that you are selling.

During the home showing, it is best for you to leave so that the home buyers don’t feel like they are intruding. Additionally, it is important to make sure that the home is in a presentable condition. Clean the house, turn on all of the lights, and make sure that you are setting the right impression when the person walks in the door.

Average Number of Home Showings before an Offer

The truth is that there isn’t actually an average number of home showings that you should be targeting, because there are so many factors that might impact the showings. Current market conditions can play a big role, which means that the number of home showings can change from one year to the next. For example, when it is a seller’s market, the number of showings will go down because the limited inventory causes the offers to come in quickly.

Another factor that can impact the number of home showings is the listing price. So, you can gauge the listing price based on the showings that are happening, and adjust the price if needed. If you have a lot of showings but no offers coming in, then it might be an indication that your home is priced too high. On the other hand, a bunch of offers without a lot of showings might indicate that the price is too low. Talk with your real estate agent about the price to ensure that your home is comparable to other similar properties in the area.

At Duffy Realty of Atlanta, we can help you find the “sweet spot” for the pricing of your home. We have many years of experience in the Atlanta real estate industry, and we know what works! Call our team today to learn more about selling your home and getting the right number of showings. We will help every step of the way, to improve your listing and maximize the equity that you will receive from the sale: (678) 318-1700.  We hope you enjoyed our article on How Many Showings a Month is considered a Success?

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