Along with “location, location, location,” one of the oft-repeated mantras of real estate agents is the importance of curb appeal. It’s a rare buyer who falls in love with the home that looks forgotten or neglected. Maintaining your home’s curb appeal is particularly important when you’re holding a fall open house and trying to sell your home in the cooler months. You’ll be up against Atlanta-area storms, falling leaves and tired annuals. Before you throw open your doors for a fall open house, make sure it looks warm and inviting inside and out. In this article, we will cover Hosting a Fall Open House: How to Get Ready.

Hone your landscaping skills

First things first, break out a rake and clean up the leaves that have fallen on your porch, front yard and walkway. Gather the leaves and other yard debris in a paper bag and place it on the curb for collection. Atlanta Recycles notes that in Georgia, it’s against the law to throw leaves and other yard trimmings out in the trash, so make sure you keep them separate from any household garbage.

If trees on your property are looking a little worse for wear, you have a few options for cleaning them up. You don’t need a permit to prune trees on your own property, but you do need to follow certain rules, especially if you live in Atlanta, notes the City of Atlanta Arborist Division. If you’re not familiar with pruning trees, it’s probably best to hire a professional to do the job for you. Pruning a tree improperly can be dangerous for you and the tree.

Clean the gutters

Cleaning the gutters is a task that most homeowners have to do once or twice a year. Letting the leaves pile up in the gutters can lead to clogging, which can mean that you have sheets of water pouring off the roof when it rains. That might not be the look you want for your home, especially if you have an open house on a rainy day. Take some time to remove the leaves and other fallen debris from your home’s gutters right before buyers come to look at your property.

The little details

Once you’ve taken care of the messy leaves, gutters and trees, it’s time to focus on the details that make a home inviting. Trade out any summer potted plants you might have for festive fall ones, such as mums or pansies. An arrangement of gourds and pumpkins on the porch also looks lovely in the fall. Place a doormat on the porch in front of the door. It will add homey touch and serve a practical purpose, as potential buyers will be able to wipe any mud or water off of their feet before stepping into your home.

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your home ready for showings. Don’t wait until just before an open house to start raking, cleaning the gutters or enhancing the exterior. Do a little here and there so that your home shines when buyers come check it out.

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