Even though the real estate market is strong, there are a few homeowner mistakes that might be having a negative impact on the value of your property. You have invested in a great home for your family, so it is important to be sure that you are managing property value to prepare for the future. With a few small, proactive steps you can boost your property value and maximize your equity when you are ready to sell.

Outdated Plumbing Fixtures and Cabinet Hardware

A quick glance at the kitchen and bathroom sinks could have an immediate impact on the way someone values your home. It is normal for plumbing and hardware to wear out over time, so you need to take a proactive approach to replacing these items as needed.

Even if you don’t know a lot about plumbing, it is simple to switch out the sink faucet. Go to the hardware store to find a stylish, modern faucet. Then, check YouTube to find a tutorial that will guide you through the process. Or, an easier solution is to hire a local handyman who can handle these upgrades for you.

Old Kitchen Appliances

The cost of appliances can add up over time, so old kitchen appliances could be a deterrent to someone interested in purchasing your home. If the stovetop is rusted and worn and the fridge has a constant smell, then you need to invest in modern appliances. Not only will these tools improve the appearance of the room, but they will also make it easy when you are prepping meals for your family.

Neglected Home Exterior and Yard

Curb appeal plays a big factor in property value. What do people think when they pull up in front of your home? If the siding is falling off or the paint is chipped, then you need to invest a little money into renovations that will upgrade the outside appearance of the property.

Also, consider hiring a landscaper to mow the lawn, get rid of old bushes, trim the trees, and clean up other issues around the yard. These factors could influence the value of your property by as much as 5 – 10%!

Weak Doors and Windows

If the original doors and windows are still in place, then you might consider investing in an upgrade. Old windows typically have single-pane glass, which decreases the energy efficiency of the home. Additionally, worn window frames and damaged doors can have a negative impact on the appearance of your home. Improve the safety and comfort of the property with high-quality windows and doors that are built to last.

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