If you want to optimize the process of buying a home, then it is essential that you put together a wishlist so that you can find a property that you love. Writing down your wants and needs can guide your decisions when you start looking at properties in the area. You can share these requirements with your real estate agent, ensuring that the home recommendations are in line with the preferences of your family.

What are the details that need to be considered for your home buying checklist? Here are a few questions to help with your wishlist:

  1. What is the Right Size of Home for Your Family? A growing family needs plenty of room to expand in the future. Whether you are newly married, or you already have a few kids in tow, make sure that you choose a home that is large enough to accommodate the crew.
  2. Do You Work at Home? It doesn’t matter if you own a small business or you do a little bit of work on the side, you need to make sure that you have the space to support your business needs. You will find that productivity goes up when you move your laptop from the kitchen table to a dedicated office space.
  3. How Often Do You Entertain? If you love having friends and family over for a meal, then you need to choose a property that is conducive for entertaining. Consider your preferred style of entertaining and then find a home to match. For example, a small condo can be fine if you only invite a few people at a time. Or, you might want a spacious yard if you love hosting neighborhood parties and backyard football games.
  4. What is the Distance to Work and School? Evaluate commute times so that you can choose a neighborhood within striking distance of your workplace or school. Don’t underestimate the time it takes if you increase your commute.
  5. What is Your Preferred Neighborhood Style? Do you want a home in an area where you can walk out of the condo building and find a variety of options for restaurants and nightlife? Or, do you prefer a quiet neighborhood where the kids can ride their bikes in the cul-de-sac? Pick your preferred lifestyle so that you can compare the various neighborhoods that are available.

When you are searching for your dream home, hiring the right real estate team is the most important decision that you need to make. At DUFFY Realty, we have been leading the real estate industry in Atlanta for many years. Our goal is to help you find the home of your dreams while managing your finances at the same time. Talk to us to learn more about the benefits of the flat-fee real estate commission structure that we offer: (678) 318-1700