When using a live Christmas Tree, pick out the freshes one you and your family can. After getting your tree home, at off at least 1″ off the trunk before placing your tree in the stand. You’ll want to use a tree stand, that can hold at least one gallon of water. Your tree will take up an amazing amount of water as the tree warms up in your home. Keep watering until the uptake of water stops.  Holiday Safety -Trees

Home Fire Safety For First Time Home Buyers Part 4 of 12 GETTING READY FOR CHRISTMAS, Always keep the base of your Christmas Tree in water, if the base of your tree dries out, and the air will seal it and your tree will not be able to absorb any water and the tree is going to dry out very quickly.

Keep your tree away from any heating vent and fireplace, if you have one. Having your tree near either one of them, will cause your tree to dry out. Be sure not to place your tree, where its blocking an exit. Turn off the tree lights when ever you go out, and when you and your family go to bed.

Be sure to discard any worn or defctive electrical cords and Christmas lights. Keep bulbs and flood lights away from all combustible materials indoors and outdoors. Instead of using extension cords, use power bars that hace breakers, when ever you can. If you do end up using extenion cords for some reason, do not run them under any rugs or staple them to walls or floors.

Home Fire Safety For First Time Home Buyers Part 4 of 12 GETTING READY FOR CHRISTMAS, If your going to be having a Christmas partie to show off your new home, be sure to provide plenty of large ashtrays with centre cigarette rests for your guests that smoke. Always empty ashtrays into a metal can or douse the ashtrays with water, when your cleaning up after the partie. If your going to be using a metal can, place it outdoors to cool.

Let’s have a safe and enjoyable Holiday season!  Holiday Safety -Trees

-Dale Baker

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