Do you feel like December is always the busiest month of the year? Family Christmas parties, work events, school holiday programs, and church or community gatherings can quickly fill up the calendar. While it is important to keep up with the shopping and social activities, make sure that you plan to spend time at home with the people that you love.  In this article we will discuss a Holiday To-Do List: Spend Time with the Family Relaxing at Home.

Quality Time with Your Kids

Even though there are many important items on your to-do list, the family should be the highest priority. These relationships make life worth living. Your children crave quality time with their parents, so you need to focus on creating opportunities to connect with the family at home.

Holiday To-Do List: Spend Time with the Family Relaxing at Home:

  • Put Up the Christmas Tree: Turn on the Christmas music and pull out the storage bins with holiday décor. Putting up the tree can be a fun family tradition. Let the kids check the strings of Christmas lights for bulb replacements and put the ornaments on the tree.
  • Bake Treats for the Neighbors: Bake some cookies together and find a neighbor who might need some Christmas cheer. Kids love rolling out the sugar cookie dough, picking out the cookie cutters, and spreading colorful frosting when the cookies have cooled. These treats can be fun to make, and the delivery will bring the spirit of Christmas into your home.
  • Movie Night and Pizza: Order in a pizza for a fun movie night together. Pick out your favorite holiday film, and spread out a blanket to have a picnic on the floor of the family room.
  • Light a Fire and Read Stories: There is nothing cozier than spending the evening around the fireplace with the family. Turn on the gas fireplace or throw a log on the fire, then gather around in your pajamas to read stories together.
  • Share a Meal at the Dinner Table: How often do you make it a point to sit down as a family to enjoy a meal together? Schedule some time together in the kitchen working on meal preparation as a family. Then, leave the cell phones on silent in the other room and have a family dinner around the table.
  • Plan a Family Vacation: Are you planning an upcoming trip to Disney World or the beach? Build excitement in your family by planning these activities together. Look at pictures and videos online so that you can decide what you want to do together on your vacation.
  • Start a New Tradition: Is there a tradition that you’ve always wanted to start with your family? Look for a new activity that you can share together each year. If you need ideas, check out Pinterest or other websites with crafts and holiday traditions.

Choosing the Right Home for Family Time

At DUFFY Realty, we know that it is important to have a home to support these family memories. If you want to relax at home with your family, you need a comfortable space to live. Contact us to learn more about choosing the best home for your family: (678) 318-1700

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