Summer is in full swing, and it’s the perfect time of year to build great memories with your family. When the kids are out of school, you can plan activities and games that will build relationships and help you enjoy your time at home together.  This article discusses Fun Family Activities to Do Around the House in the Summer. Here are some fun family activities that you can do this summer:

Buy a Popsicle from the Ice Cream Truck

Listen closely for the sound of the local ice cream truck. They usually play a distinct song that will catch your attention. It is a spontaneous fun activity to run outside to buy a Popsicle or ice cream bar. You might even keep a jar of loose change by the front door so that you can quickly dash outside when the ice cream truck comes by!

Plan a Picnic in the Backyard

Kids can get restless if they are inside the house all day. Instead of serving sandwiches at the kitchen counter, set out a blanket on the grass and plan a backyard picnic. Involve the kids in the planning and cooking so that they have something to do before lunch is ready.

Write a Summer Bucket List Together

Build the excitement of family activities at home by writing a family bucket list and post it on the fridge. Let your kids choose some of the activities that they want to participate in. These bucket list activities can include anything that you can imagine, such as performing a puppet show, growing tomatoes on the patio, creating fun arts and crafts, launching a mini rocket in the backyard, or do a secret service activity for a family member.

Read a Book Series Together

Cuddle up on the couch and get lost in a fun story together. Reading is a great activity to keep the kids entertained and reduce screen time during the summer. Plus, they can practice their reading skills so that they are ready when the new school year starts in the fall.

Set Up an Arts and Crafts Table

Pull out the glue, glitter, pipe cleaners, colored paper and any other craft items that you have in the house. Set everything out on the table and encourage the kids to let their creativity flow. As a parent, make sure that you spend time creating something fun with your kids so that you can build the memories together.

Have a Water Fight

If the kids need to cool off on a hot summer day, turn on the sprinklers and have, the kids run around in their swimsuits. You might consider setting up a kiddie pool for splashing, a Slip-n-Slide, or filling up a bunch of water balloons for an epic water fight. Another option is to have a super soaker water gun for each member of the family and divide up into teams for a friendly backyard water war.

With a little bit of creativity and planned family time, you can enjoy the summer and give your kids a great experience. Make sure that you have the right home to support these family activities! Contact Duffy Realty of Atlanta to find a home that you will enjoy sharing with your family: (678) 318-1700.  We hope that you got some great ideas from this article about Fun Family Activities to Do Around the House in the Summer.

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