Home Sweet Home

A great article from Duffy Realty of Atlanta’s listing specialist Romany Haynes that won’t take long to read……

Four walls and a roof!

Any home could be described just like that: Four walls and a roof. So when you are considering selling your four walls and a roof, what do you think that a buyer needs to know or wants to hear?

In today’s market, with buyer’s getting there just a moment too late, they need to know that you have cared for and about your home, the whole home and not just the yard or that you keep a clean house. They want to know that you really care for your home.

And it is far more than those four walls and a roof. It is a record of your life’s journey and without it, your history would have been altered.

While they know you have lived here for 5-7 years, their curiosity drives them to know how you have lived, especially how it will effect them if they become the new owners.

Have you repainted the wall where someone drew their master piece, or just left it for the public to appreciate it?

Have you taken down the wallpaper, and removed the carpet that you have disliked ever since you first viewed this house?

Did you come in and make it your own? -with paint colors that tell me what year you moved in!

Or did you learn to live with that border, and didn’t mind the brass fixtures.

But the marks you did leave are important, poignant, even if subtle.

The faint discoloration in the nursery where your Grandmother’s afghan brushed the wall while you rocked a baby for 2 years of your life. Or the door casing where you have recorded a family history of growth spurts. Or the laundry room where you always meant to hang that clothes rod, you know, the one that is still leaning in the corner, a skeletal reminder of a project put off for a day that never came.

While buyers are looking for the perfect home, they start by narrowing down that search, first by four walls and a roof. Then, some of the time, it might just be geography, or a simple gut feeling. But almost all of the time, it is heart.

So when you are ready to move on to your next four walls, remember, the buyer that you need, needs to be able to see that you loved your home enough to make it a member of your family so they will make it a member of theirs.

Reflect, and when it comes time to put your house out there on the scene, looking for a new family to make it their home, please remember that you would never go to a job interview in sweat pants. Put on your favorite blazer and face the world with hope. And do the same for your home. Give it a great cleaning, finally put up that rod in the laundry, take a photo of the master piece and remove it, and give it a fresh coat of attention. Sadly, this year’s color seems to be gray.
Put it out there with a new outfit. New drapes, or no drapes, freshly made beds, fluffy towels in the bath, and maybe some soft music playing in the background.

Sounds like a date, and it is. Chaperoned by an agent and arranged by an online interest.

Love your house enough to send it out there, best foot forward. Your new house will love you for it, and your old house will find the next great steward to tell its story.

So is it four walls and a roof, yes. And so much more.