When it is time to sell a home, no one wants to wait for months while their property sits on the real estate market. A quick turn-around time and a good price should be the main goals that your real estate agent can help with. But, some agents don’t have the experience or understanding to know how to quickly sell a home.  This article discusses Effective Ways to Quickly Sell Your Home.

Here at Duffy Realty of Atlanta, we know what works! These are a few of the effective strategies that will help you to sell your home quickly and easily:

Home Repairs and Upgrades

It might seem silly to put time and money into repairs when you are planning to move, but the truth is that these efforts can make a big difference to help you sell your home. A fresh coat of paint can go a long way to give your home a facelift, just make sure to stick with neutral colors. Look for potential issues in the home that might be noticed by an inspector, and take care of those repairs in advance to avoid problems when a buyer is ready.

Talk with a Home Stager

Did you know that it has been shown that buyers are more likely going to visit a home when the home was staged for the online photos? If you stage your home, the overall appearance of the property is drastically changed, and the photos make the home more attractive to potential buyers. Remember that people buy a home based on emotions, and the right staging can help to trigger the emotional centers that will encourage them to make an offer.

Your goal should be to get more buyers in the door, because then you will be able to sell the property faster and for a higher price. Staging helps to get people in the door, and it makes potential buyers more comfortable when they are walking through the property.

Set the Right Price

An over-priced home will sit on the real estate market without any interested buyers. Don’t make the mistake of setting the price too high, because it means that you will be missing the opportunity to connect with potential buyers who are interested. Talk with your Atlanta real estate agent about other comparable homes that have recently sold in the area, because this comparative market analysis can help you set the price point for your own property.

Hire an Experienced Atlanta Real Estate Agent

Working with a real estate agent will make a big difference in the success of selling your home. Find an agent who has plenty of experience in the local area, because experience can make a big difference to help you quickly sell your home. Our team at Duffy Realty of Atlanta knows what works in the real estate industry, and we will gladly offer advice and help with the marketing of your property. We invite you to contact us right away to learn more about the services that are available: (678) 318-1700.  We hope that you liked our article on Effective Ways to Quickly Sell Your Home.

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