When you are buying or selling a home, you deserve to work with the best real estate team in the area. Here at DUFFY Realty, our goal is to make it simple and easy for you to sell your current home and choose a dream home for your family.  Here you will see testimonials on Why DUFFY Is The Best.

Not only do we offer a flat-fee commission structure to save you thousands of dollars, but we also know how to maximize the selling price to optimize your equity. We have experience with thousands of real estate transactions, giving us the hands-on knowledge to help with any situation you might encounter.

Our proven system will help you quickly and easily sell your home. DUFFY Realty has a track-record of an average of 34 days on the market for our sellers. We know what works to help you quickly connect with potential buyers and sell your home in record time.

By choosing the top real estate team in Atlanta, you will save time and money so that you can focus on your family. You can sit back and relax while the professionals handle the details for you!

We have 15+ years of proven history, and a long list of happy customers in the area. Here are a few things that our clients have said about their experience with DUFFY Realty:

Rhonda and your Duffy Realty Team…….being that I didn’t know what to do or expect being this was my first time selling a house, you made it simple and understandable. My house sold and I actually paid $3,000 less than I thought at closing which will now go toward a down payment on my new house……Thanks Duffy Realty …You’re Awesome! And I see why you’re #1. ~Jennifer W.


A Contract in 23 days after the house was listed in Multi list, plus two offers before. Thank you for your help and a quick sale. ~ James G


I wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience we have had with Duffy Realty! I can’t believe we sold our house in a week! So exciting ~ Laura R.


We appreciate you being available to us after hours for our contract help.  It made a HUGE difference in our success in selling.  Thank you for you all of help.  We saved a ton of money and had fun too! Thanks Chamberlain! ~ Sara and Brian C.


This process worked very well. We saved the difference between 3% and $750+.75% which in our case was over $5000. All in all we were very pleased with the outcome and would recommend Duffy realty. We are taking a short trip to Hawaii to celebrate the sale and the savings will more than pay for that trip. ~ Tom B.


Your business model is AWESOME! I love it so much. I even referred your company to a Facebook group I belong to where someone was looking for an agent. I so appreciate y’all! ~ Robin B.


Thank you so much Duffy, for your time and the tips you gave me and the extra energy you are putting towards my contract and getting my house sold. I don’t know what I would do without you.  ~ David J.


Thanks everyone for your support and advice getting this sale done.  Your professionalism and expertise is much appreciated. ~ Ken B.


Thank you guys so much for everything. I am most pleased with Duffy and the whole team. You guys allowed me to save a lot of money and helped me facilitate the entire process from start to finish. We could not be more pleased. I seriously doubt I will ever list with an agent again and will certainly recommend you guys on social media and to everyone we know who may be in the market. ~ Chris J.


Thank you again for everything you all did for us!! You have a GREAT team!! I will proudly recommend you to others!! ~ Elizabeth W.


So far Duffy has met and exceeded all of my expectations as a seller, so I’m very pleased. You were very helpful Victoria, I appreciate you answering all of my questions. ~ Ed G.


Thanks so much for getting my house sold at the asking price. I couldn’t be more pleased. Your email and phone response was very, very prompt, even on weekends, and I felt completely informed of everything you knew at all times. Thanks again for all your hard work. It paid off for both of us and got a very nice family a new home that they really loved! ~ Marilyn C.


I could not be happier with your company’s performance. Thank you so much. ~ Bud W.


Duffy meets and exceeds my expectations. I did not think we would have one person to hold our hand through the process and that is perfectly fine. I appreciate the expertise shown by each department. It has been a great experience. I have recommended you to my daughter and she has gotten two offers already. The way you educate your Sellers is awesome, many agents do not do that.  ~ Diane B.


Very happy with the experience. Lots of showings and full asking offer in 2 weeks! ~ Stephanie B.


I love your system, the offer we received was spot on but the few odd items on the offer that you mentioned in the email to us were great, we appreciate how you go over the offer and provide the additional suggestions beyond the expert advice in the recommendations. Great work! ~ Courtney W.


I recently referred my nephew to Duffy Realty, and you were able to sell his property in five days! Thank you very much. In addition to the sale of our home, thanks to Duffy Realty, last October, this is the second great experience we have had. ~ David B.


I’m so excited that I already have an offer. I’m glad that I heard about Duffy. My last agent did the same thing you guys are doing but she charged us 6% for it. Thank you so much.  ~ James M.


Thank you so much!  Everything went smoothly, and I was very pleased how Duffy Realty handled everything.  Glad we used your services. ~ Natalie B.


I just wanted to thank you all at Duffy for helping me through the process from contract to closing. It was quite an experience and education. The closing went well on Friday. You have a good team at contracts. Thank you again for your help in getting our property sold. ~ Grady G.


Thank you Duffy, all of you. Our heads are still spinning a bit at how fast this has happened. We have been praying for God’s time and His way in this process. You have all been so helpful in answering our questions and keeping us in the loop. ~ Slater D.


From David:  thank you for all of your assistance so far! I am so grateful I went with Duffy instead of the FSBO group I was going to go with. I am most impressed with the success you have had and the volume of business you are able to do. For a company to be able to sell 1500+ homes and provide the level of advice you provide is outstanding. ~ David C.


I loved the client support website you guys provide for your clients. It was really helpful and all of your emails are very thorough so I appreciated that. Also, it’s nice to know that when I have an offer and I call I either get someone every time very quickly or if I leave a voicemail you guys always call back quickly, and that’s just great. ~ Rob A.


We are so thankful for your excellent service! I received an offer today, and I’m very impressed with the process you have in place to help me. ~ Tammy S.


Thank you for the great marketing and scheduling. Your service is greatly appreciated. ~ Patricia M.


You have made the process so much easier. I really do appreciate it. It’s much simpler when you have someone you can call on for their expertise. ~ Mike E.


WOW! Thank you for the fast response! I am under contract on another of your listings and am impressed with the job that you do! It is a pleasure to work with your company!! ~ Mike B.


I am amazingly impressed so far. I’ve always been told if something sounds too good to be true it’s probably is but that has not been the case with Duffy. I understand your model with departments who specialize, never seen that in a real estate company. I hear back from you all in 10 mins, it is awesome. I have already told people at work about you. Faith, you have been phenomenal answering my questions, thank you! ~ Amy V.


I was with your competitor previously and you are by far better than the other agent. From the beginning Duffy has been fantastic. I love all your suggestions, they are so creative and I think they will greatly help me with getting my home sold. Thank you so much!! ~ Jud Griffith

AND Even More

I am very happy that I went with Duffy, my questions are immediately answered, no one acted like they were frustrated with me, the documents provided were very informative, I really like that everyone I’ve talked to has made sure I understood the information before hanging up, no one rushed me off the phone ~ Debbie E.


Very pleased with the process so far. Everyone at Duffy has so far been extremely helpful. I’m grateful for all the money in commissions I will be saving with Duffy. ~ Brian W.


Victoria was absolutely a tremendous help to me. She discussed the counter offer with me personally and gave me the confidence to proceed with the offer and staying within a reasonable offer. She discussed details and options with me and went the extra mile. I felt like I had my own personal selling broker instead of JUST email responses. ~ Stephen P.


Well… here goes DUFFY… Thank you for the next successful closing. You are awesome guys. It is always a pleasure to do business with you. ~ Anita B.


We would like to say we are very happy with how fast our home sold, in fact the day it listed, Monday, the agent called us and had someone interested and showed it on Wednesday and we had contract by Friday!! ~ Charlene D.


Thank you so much you really have made the process a lot easier for me.  I really appreciate all of the help you have provided along the way.  ~ Peter F.


Everything that you did for me was wonderfully handled and professionally executed! In fact I have been singing your praises to anyone who will listen, and even managed to educate a friend who is a professional realtor on some misconceptions she had about you. I had no problem following the instructions as you guided me through the process anyway. In fact, I have a friend who is seriously considering you and she asked me who “my agent” was. I did not know exactly how to respond since so many of you worked with me. The handoffs were so seamless it did not matter who I was communicating with. ~ James G