Even if you have a great real estate agent helping you to find the right home, there are instances where you might run into listing agents that are difficult to work with. These “listing bullies” are agents that make things hard for the potential buyers, which can be frustrating if the difficulties slow down the process.

Whether you are dealing with a listing bully because of a home that you want to buy, or you have a neighbor who you have to interact with socially who is a difficult real estate agent, it is important that you know how to handle the situation.

Set Your Boundaries

Before you buy a home, make sure that you have boundaries set regarding your budget and what you are willing to concede during the negotiations. Some listing bullies will try to push every point, making it hard for you to buy a home that you are interested in. Don’t let yourself be pushed around!

Talk to your own real estate agent about the boundaries that need to be maintained during the offer and closing processes. Your agent will be able to make recommendations about the right way to proceed, helping you to find a home that you like while maintaining your personal boundaries.

Let Your Real Estate Agent Help

Anytime you are working with another real estate agent; it is essential for you to know that you don’t have to deal directly with the agent. Your real estate agent is your representative, and they have the experience needed to handle these difficult situations. If there is a need to communicate with the listing agent, then you should let your real estate agent handle the conversation for you.

In fact, there are certain situations where you might cause more problems if you attempt to handle the conversation without working with your own agent. Some homeowners want to do things on their own, and they mistakenly cause problems with the closing because they didn’t have the necessary experience to work through the issues.

Look for Other Options

Just because you find a home that you love, doesn’t necessarily mean that there aren’t any other options available. In some situations, it makes sense to walk away from a potential home because you don’t want to deal with a listing bully.

Even if you have made an offer, you still have options to consider other properties. As you begin the negotiations and home inspections, you might choose to walk away because of unreasonable requests made by the seller and their listing agent. Your real estate agent can ensure that there are clauses in the contract to give you a choice if something happens before you close on the property.

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