Everyone in a happy relationship knows that is healthy to have time alone together away from the kids. Do you make it a priority to get out once a week with just the two of you? While it is important to spend time with the entire family, a date night gives you the opportunity to reconnect and talk about life without the distraction of the kids around.

Planning Ahead to Make it a Priority

You are juggling many responsibilities with kids, work, and social events, which can make it a challenge to prioritize some of the things that you want to do. Don’t wait for an opportunity to arise to plan a couple’s night out. Instead, make it a point to pick an evening and schedule it on your calendar. By blocking out time for your date night, you can be sure that it will happen. Plus, it gives you extra time to find a sitter so that you can enjoy the evening without worrying about the kids.

Making your relationship a priority helps to build a solid foundation for your family. As a result, you will be better parents and more engaged in the family activities that you plan with everyone together.

Paid the Check… What’s Next?

After a nice meal together, it might seem like the evening is over after the check is brought to your table. But, just because you have paid for the meal doesn’t mean that your evening is finished! You might consider buying another bottle of wine to extend the meal a little more or follow up the meal with coffee.

In the United States culture, it is common for the waiter to bring the check right after the meal is over. But, it doesn’t mean that you need to leave the restaurant at that point. Take the advice from the Europeans and linger for a while to maximize the enjoyment of the evening.

Or, you might choose a fun activity after the meal is over. Buy tickets to a concert, meet up with friends, or find a bar with live music. Music is a great way to enhance the evening and help you enjoy the moment without feeling like you need to rush home. Since the kids are already tucked into bed, it makes sense that you should let go without worrying about the obligations at home. It is your opportunity to spend time with your significant other!

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