Plenty of home buyers have questions about Duffy Realty of Atlanta. Put simply, Duffy Realty takes a different approach to buying and selling homes in Atlanta and surrounding areas.

The process of buying a home can be complicated, and frequently more complex than you might assume. Plenty of people have purchased homes and immediately regretted their decisions, but Duffy Realty’s agents use a process that thoroughly educates you about a home — considerably reducing the chances of buyer’s remorse. Another great thing about Duffy Realty of Atlanta is that the services are completely free for buyers.

Buyer action timeline

In 2009, Rhonda Duffy created the 8-Step Buyer Action Timeline to help people buy the right houses. The Buyer Action Timeline covers all the bases for a potential buyer, including understanding the home loan and choosing the home inspector. For example, a Duffy Realty buyer’s agent can help you choose a home inspector who is qualified and who has the right type of liability insurance; that way, you aren’t responsible for any damage that takes place during an inspection if you ultimately decide not to purchase the home.

Duffy Realty’s agents also help you find potential flaws in the home right away. For example, when agents go to showings, they bring a toolbox of simple items that can uncover hard-to-see problems. A marble, for example, can be deployed to detect uneven flooring — a sign of potentially costly issues with the house.

The Buyer Action Timeline also covers the importance of understanding the Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange (CLUE) report and of having title insurance when buying a home. With the help of a Duffy Realty agent, you can interview the neighbors to get the full scoop on a house. These conversations are typically a great way to learn about the area and the secrets a home might have.

Cash bonus

As a buyer, you don’t pay for the services of a Duffy Realty agent. The agent collects his or her fee as part of the costs paid by the seller. If you decide to work with a Duffy Realty agent, you have the option of earning a cash bonus. The bonus amount depends on the final sale value of the home. To earn a bonus, you agree to provide a testimonial to the company and to display a “Sold by Duffy” sign on the lawn for at least 10 days after closing. You also agree to provide the company with two referrals in the future.

When a buyer decides to work with Duffy Realty, it is a win-win situation. You get the guidance and education you need to purchase the right home, the first time. Duffy Realty gets the satisfaction of helping another client make his or her home-buying dreams come true.

Image source: Flickr