It makes sense that homeowners and potential buyers want to save as much money as possible on their real estate transaction. One area that you might be able to save on spending is with the real estate agent’s commission. Choosing a traditional Atlanta real estate agent means that you will be paying thousands of dollars in commissions when the transaction is complete. But, there are other options available that you need to consider.

Save Money and Hire a Trusted Real Estate Agent

If you are looking for a way to save money, then you might jump to the conclusion that you need to sell your home with a “For Sale By Owner” approach instead of working with an agent. Don’t make this mistake though, because it is essential to have a real estate agent by your side to help with the transaction. Instead of attempting a FSBO, it is better to find a flat-fee real estate agent.

The hybrid approach is beneficial for both the client and the agent, because it is a happy middle ground between saving money and still having a real estate agent there to help. This method is effective, especially when it is used by a trusted real estate agency such as Duffy Realty of Atlanta.

Why is the Hybrid Model So Powerful?

A hybrid real estate commission model marries the concept of an upfront commission plus a back end fee as a percentage of the transaction. The upfront fee reduces the agent’s risk of working with a buyer or seller, so that the agent can help with the listing and marketing and still have their bases covered just in case. Then, there is a nominal percentage fee that goes to the real estate agent when the home sells.

For example, here at Duffy Realty of Atlanta, we only charge an upfront fee of $500 plus a commission of .0075% at the closing transaction. This percentage is much lower than traditional real estate commissions, which are usually 3% of a transaction for both the buyer and seller’s agent (for a total of 6%). If you are thinking about selling your home, then you need to talk with our team because these savings can really add up.

Why Do We Offer Lower Commissions?

The truth is that the internet has changed the real estate industry, and we recognize that these changes have impacted the process that is required to sell a home. Instead of sticking with the traditional commission structure of 3%, we save time by using effective online marketing strategies, and then pass those savings onto you.

We have it down to a science, and we know exactly what works to get your home sold. Here at Duffy Realty of Atlanta, we invite you to contact our experienced team so that you can learn more about how the hybrid flat-fee commission structure works. We will help you save money, and we will get your home sold quickly and efficiently at the same time. Call us today: (678) 318-1700