Moving can be a chaotic time. But if you strive to keep things organized and follow some key moving tips, the transition will go smoothly regardless of whether you’re moving from Clayton County to Hall County or from across the country to Atlanta. In this article, we will cover 5 Moving Tips for a Stress-Free Transition.

For starters, the actual packing and sorting process should be taking place behind the scenes as you actively market your house for sale. Little by little, step by step, the whole series of events will be less painful if planned and executed carefully.

To reduce your stress, you should follow these five tips:

  1. Start weeding through your stuff: Begin with the furniture and larger items. Decide which pieces of furniture you plan to take with you and which you don’t want to move. Then go through your smaller household items, clothing, toys and everything else, room by room. Put items aside for a garage sale or list them for sale online. Donate whatever is left to charity, and make sure to get a receipt for your taxes.
  2. Decide whether you’re going to hire a moving company or do it yourself: If you’re doing it yourself, determine whether you’ll need to rent a truck or other large vehicle. If you’re going with a company, give yourself plenty of time. Get at least three estimates — in writing. And check the company’s status with the Better Business Bureau.
  3. Let packing be a gradual process so you don’t feel overwhelmed: If possible, try to keep packed boxes contained to one room. Have one or two important boxes to keep close by during the move while everything else is packed up. These will contain essentials like bottled water, a first aid kit, paper towels, toilet paper and nonperishable snacks.
  4. Think about your children and pets: Get children psychologically ready for the move by involving them in the process. Let them help pack their own belongings, allowing them to keep a backpack of a few chosen items with them during the actual move. Explain the time line to them, and throw them a goodbye party with all their friends. As for pets, they are prone to stress, too. In your final day or two of packing things up, keep them in a quiet room or with a friend. To get them accustomed to traveling in a crate, take several small drives around town with your crated pets.
  5. Start making your change of address official: You should begin doing this about six weeks before your move. Notify the post office of your upcoming change. Also, share your new address with banks, insurance companies, utility companies, credit card companies, doctors and dentists.

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