It is time to move your family to a new, upgraded home! Not only will a new home provide the space that is needed for your growing family, but you will have the perfect environment to build quality memories together.

Even when parents know that they need to move, it is common for people to procrastinate this change. Parents are worried about the way the move will disrupt the kid’s lifestyle. It can also be stressful to think about the packing and logistics of transferring everything to a new house.

Here are a few things that you can do to improve the transition and make it easier for everyone to get settled in:

Make it a Family Decision

Talk to the kids about your goals and involve them in the home search process. Look at home listings online and discuss the possibilities of each property. Then, leave the kids home when you do the home tour to ensure that the tour isn’t stopped short by disruptive behavior. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, then you can bring the kids to see the home.

Set Your Priorities

Why are you moving? Creating a list of priorities for your new home will reduce the likelihood that you will be left with regret after the move. Consider all the factors that might impact your daily routine, including commute time, schools, yard size, number of bedrooms, kitchen design, and more.

Hire the Pros

A DIY approach for a move is one of the fastest ways to ramp up your stress levels. You already have enough to worry about with the packing, after-school schedules, work responsibilities and more. Find an experienced real estate team to oversee the process, so that you don’t worry about the small details of buying and selling your home. Also, don’t overlook the benefits of hiring an experienced moving team to assist on moving day.

Have a Slush Fund for Unexpected Costs

Extra expenses always pop up when you are moving. So, have some money set aside to pay for the conveniences that are needed during this busy time. You will find that it is worth the cost to pay for a bigger moving truck or one more person to help. Other costs might include cleaning and setting up the new home, buying lunch for everyone that comes to help, and more.

Ask Friends and Family for Help

Don’t have the kids underfoot when you are trying to load the moving truck. Talk to neighbors, friends, or family members to see if people are available to help with the kids while you are working. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need extra hands for the packing or unpacking.

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