Real estate inventory is low right now, which means that many home sellers are slipping into a place of complacency with their listings. People selling a home assume that they can sell their property quickly and easily without a lot of effort. But, it is a mistake if you overlook some of the most important elements of marketing your home. A little bit of work right now can go a long way to help you maximize your equity when selling a home and buy a nicer home for your family.

You want to set the right impression for potential buyers. So, follow these tips to ensure that your home is ready to sell. These tried and true marketing strategies will boost your asking price selling a home and make it easier than ever to close the deal:

Highlight Improvements in the Listing

When you are putting together the real estate listing, don’t forget to highlight any improvements that have been made in the home. You invested in the renovations, so you need to take advantage of the added value. Whether you put in a new HVAC system or the windows have recently been replaced, make sure to include this information in the description.

If important features are outdated or in need of repair, then you might consider a few small renovation projects before you sell. These details can go a long way to make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

Get Rid of Junk and Clean the Home

Too much clutter will make your home look cramped and small. Take time to get rid of unnecessary items in the closets and cupboards when selling a home. Moving these things out of the home will make it more inviting and welcoming when people are touring the property.

Deep cleaning is another essential task that needs to be addressed when selling a home. Clear out the cobwebs, scrub the baseboards, and look for other nooks and crannies that have been neglected.

Swap Out Hardware and Fixtures

You don’t need to renovate the entire home. But, consider the benefit of installing new hardware on the cupboards and doors. Light fixtures and faucets are other details that can be affordable and stylish at the same time.

Switch out the hardware that looks old, outdated, scratched, or damaged in any way. Replacing these items when selling a home will give it a facelift without the need to undergo major renovations.

Talk to an Experienced Real Estate Agent

When you are working with the leading real estate team in Atlanta, then you can rest assured to know that your home will sell quickly and easily. Here at DUFFY Realty, we have a proven system to provide results for our clients when selling a home. If you are preparing to sell your home, then we invite you to contact our team to learn more about the ways that we can help with your listing and marketing efforts. We are here to assist with anything that you need: (678) 318-1700