Whether you are changing jobs or looking for a nice place to retire, you will love the options that are available if you choose to come to Georgia. The Southern cookin’ and warm weather provide a great location for people of all ages.

It’s always a big task to move out of state! Not only do you need to care for the individual concerns of each family member, but you also need to make sure that you have a comfortable home to settle into. The best solution is to buy a home as soon as possible so that you can help your family settle down without the uncertainty of not knowing where you are ultimately going to live.

Here are a few tips to help with the transition to your new home in Atlanta or any other area in the beautiful state of Georgia:

Tip #1: Find a Great Buyer’s Agent

If you aren’t familiar with the area, it makes good sense that you should hire someone who has a thorough understanding of the real estate market. Finding a buyer’s agent should be the first step when you are looking to buy a home for you and your family.

Your agent will be a valuable resource to help you learn more about the neighborhoods, commute times, and other amenities that are available in the area. To work with the best agent in the Atlanta area, make sure to contact us at DUFFY Realty as soon as you find out you are moving here. We’ll roll out the red carpet to welcome you here.

Tip #2: Set a Budget

Take an assessment of your finances to determine how much you can spend on your new home. It is a good idea to go through the mortgage pre-approval process so that you have specific numbers to work with. These details can help you narrow down the homes to those within your desired price range.

In addition to the cost of the mortgage, you might also consider other costs such as HOA fees, property taxes, insurance costs, commute expenses, and other related expenses of owning a home in the area. Evaluate all of the expenses that you will be paying to ensure that your new home will fit into your family budget.

Tip #3: Research the Area

It is sometimes difficult to become familiar with an area in the short term, especially if you haven’t been there before. When you are visiting a potential area that you may be interested in, look for the patterns of the area and the demographics that you observe in the neighborhood. Other factors to consider include freeway access, traffic levels, the proximity of schools, and crime rates.

Talk to your real estate agent about your goals for the neighborhood where you want to live. Also, consider doing some online searches to find information about the neighborhoods that you are considering.

Here at DUFFY Realty, we will make it as easy as possible for you to move to Georgia! If you are preparing to move to the area, we invite you to contact the leading real estate team in Atlanta. We are here to help: (678) 318-1700