Watching your house sit on the market with few showings and no offers can be frustrating. If, after several weeks of slow activity, you want to drop your price or change your marketing strategy, don’t hesitate to ask your agent for tips to sell your house. And good agents will already have those better practices written down or in reference format out on a resource website for their clients reviews. Real estate agents know which important features sell houses and can assist you with marketing and staging your home to attract more potential buyers.

Make sure your home looks its best

Before you consider dropping your price, make sure your home is in the best possible condition for showings. Finding the time to keep every room looking perfect is challenging, but presentation is important to potential homebuyers. When you list your house, it’s important to commit the extra time to maintaining the yard for curb appeal and removing excess clutter inside. Remember, homebuyers want to be able to picture living in your home, so removing personal items such as photographs may help. Surveys show, that a clean home will normally bring in an extra 3% of slaes price than a dirty one. And if something is broke, fix it. But if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Resist the urge to make expensive cosmetic changes that you might not get a dollar for dollar return on when it sells.

Never say no to a showing

You may get a last minute call from an agent with a request to walk through your home in the next 10 minutes. Although this can seriously wreck your current plans, being prepared to show your house at any time gives you a better chance of attracting that out-of-town buyer who’s only in Atlanta for the day and needs to make a quick decision. To be ready to show at all times, you need a plan of action when you get the call. Try to keep your home as tidy as possible and know where you’re going to store anything you don’t want left out, such as your kids’ toys or pet items.

Set a sales plan, and stick to it

Before listing your home, work with your real estate agent to set a strategy for price adjustments. For example, one rule used by Duffy Realty is that if you haven’t received an offer after 6 showings or if you’ve gone 30 days without a showing, you should drop your price by 2 percent in increments of $5,000. This plan gives sellers enough time to get a feel for the market and allows real estate agents the opportunity to implement a marketing strategy.

As you show your home, tips to sell your house may also come directly from potential buyers, so don’t forget to ask for feedback. Buyers may be concerned with something small that can be easily fixed or something that never occurred to you to be a problem.

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