Is it a good idea to pull out the holiday decor if you are trying to sell your home? Minimizing the clutter is an important step when staging a property to sell. So, many sellers assume that they shouldn’t set up the décor for the holiday.

But, the truth is that tasteful holiday decorations can help you set the right impression for potential buyers. If you want to make your home comfortable and welcoming, then holiday decorating might be a great option for your listing. Plus, you can enjoy the holiday decor with your family, helping to bring the Christmas spirit into your home.

Put a Festive Foot Forward

Decorating for the holiday season shows that you put the extra effort into caring for your home. Buyers will step in and feel the warmth and comfort of a place that feels good. Holiday decorations bring a sense of “family” into the property, making it more desirable for people who are interested in buying.

A few strands of lights and a little bit of glitter go a long way to make each room look inviting and cheerful. Choose holiday decor that is basic, to make sure that buyers have an easy time imagining themselves living in the home. So, it is best to depersonalize the decorations to appeal to the tastes of anyone who comes to see the property. These holiday decor items can help them envision the possibilities of maintaining their own holiday traditions in the future.

Be careful that you don’t go overboard with the decorations. Instead, look for a few tasteful pieces that will add charm to the room. But, don’t place Christmas decorations on every table or surface you can find. Too many items will make the home feel cluttered and unorganized.

Holiday Decor Tips

Here are a few things to consider if you want to set up holiday decor in your home that is listed on the real estate market:

  • Avoid inflatable decorations, mannequins, a plastic nativity in the yard, or reindeer on the roof
  • Add a few strands of lights without going overboard and blinding people who walk into the room
  • Skip the tree because it usually takes up too much floor space and makes the room feel small
  • Store the greeting cards instead of hanging them on the fridge or window

Sort Through the Storage Closets

Often, pulling out the Christmas decorations is a good excuse to sort through the storage closets. It is best to minimize the number of boxes that are in storage. You need to make these rooms look open and spacious to enhance the holiday decor.

Pull out the holiday decorations, and also identify boxes or items that can be taken to an off-site storage location. This activity takes a little time, but it can go a long way to make your home more attractive to potential buyers. It is ok to leave a few things in the storage space, but keep it simple and clean.

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