In any industry, it is common for businesses and customers to get stuck in the same pattern of buying and selling, and it can completely disrupt the industry when an innovative idea is offered in the market. “Carnie Rube” was a term that was coined in the 19th century, and this slang phrase was commonly used in the United States among carnival workers (“carnies”). The term “rube” was known as an idiot, and if a person was called a rube then it meant that they were easily scammed or fooled.  In this article we will discuss Atlanta Real Estate Tip: Don’t Be the Carnie Rube!

Flipping the Industry Upside Down

There are many examples throughout history where Carnie Rubes are fooled in their purchases, because the businesses are focused more on profits instead of the value and service offered to the customers. People continue spending too much money without knowing that there are other options, until a company comes in and changes the way things are done. Dollar Shave Club is the perfect example of how one business can completely transform an industry. For many years, customers spent too much money on low quality razors, and then Dollar Shave Club came in to show us something better. Dollar Shave Club changed the norm of purchasing razors, making competitors scramble to keep up with the changing trends in the industry.

Carnie Rubes in the Real Estate Industry

Unfortunately, the real estate industry is one area where people are often scammed, because many people are stuck in the old-fashioned way of thinking. The real estate industry has been around for a long time, and agents have maintained the same high commissions even though the market and approach has drastically changed over the years. Is your real estate agent getting a high percent commission when you sell or buy a home? Then, you have the label of Carnie Rube pasted right across your forehead! Many home buyers and sellers waste thousands of dollars in real estate transaction fees because they don’t know that any other options are available.

Like the changes that happened in the razor industry because of Dollar Shave Club, Duffy Realty of Atlanta has flipped the real estate market on its head. We have found a different way to buy and sell homes, and we know that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars in real estate commissions. By offering flat-fee listings, the market in Atlanta has complete transformed… allowing us to become the leading real estate company in Atlanta and the surrounding areas.

Don’t be a Carnie Rube by listening to the other real estate agents who are telling you that it will cost thousands of dollars to sell your home! Some real estate agents will even fool you into thinking that they won’t show your property if listed by Duffy. But, their real interest is to steal your listing so that they can make more money for themselves. Let Duffy Realty of Atlanta show you how it should be done. Contact our office today, and you will have the peace of mind to know that you are working with a real estate agent who has your best interests in mind: (678) 318-1700.  We hope that you enjoyed our article on Atlanta Real Estate Tip: Don’t Be the Carnie Rube!

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