School is back in session and your summer activities have come to an end. It was an unusual summer because of COVID-19. But many families are returning to their regular schedules. Which means that it might be time to look at your home maintenance checklist.

Summer is the time to enjoy with family and friends. As the weather starts to change, many homeowners shift their focus to home repairs and maintenance. If you worked on renovations through the pandemic, then this might be the perfect time of year to finish your to-do list.

Home Maintenance Checklist: Prepping Your House for Fall

Consider adding these tasks to your home maintenance checklist:

  • Cleaning the Gutters: A buildup of leaves and grime in the gutters can have a negative impact on how the water flows away from your home. Your roof and gutters can drain thousands of gallons each year, especially when the southern rains come through our neighborhoods. Avoid rot and mold by clearing the clogged gutters so the water can flow freely.
  • Drafty Doors and Windows: As the weather starts to cool down, it’s time to see where you are losing heat in your home. Did you know that between 25 – 30% of heating energy is lost through your windows? Check for drafts around the windows and doors. Then add weatherstripping to seal your home against the cooler weather that is coming.
  • Clean Up the Yard: Did you neglect the yardwork while enjoying the summer with your family? It’s time to trim the bushes, pull the weeds, and clean up anything that’s out of place. This end of summer cleanup ensures that you are ready with a clean slate when spring rolls around in 2021.
  • Change the Filters: How often do you switch out the filters in your HVAC system? When these filters are clogged, it puts undue pressure on your equipment. As a result, the heater needs to work harder – which runs up your utility bills. For best results, change these filters quarterly.
  • Check the Batteries: The fall is a good time to make sure that you have good batteries in the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Since you are already working on home projects, it’s easy to add this one to the list.

Consider a Move This Fall?

The above home maintenance checklist is a great way to ensure that your home is comfortable throughout the winter. You should also complete these tasks if you are planning to move this fall. This season is a great time of year to find a new home. Many home buyers are taking advantage of the low-interest rates right now.

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