Are you feeling the excitement of moving into the home of your dreams? Buying a home is a big step for your family. It feels good to work with a real estate to find the perfect property. Now that the deal is almost complete, it’s time to think about your moving strategy. Avoid some of these common moving mistakes.

Avoid These Moving Mistakes

The last-minute preparation before moving has an undeniable impact on your transition from one home to another. These are the most common moving mistakes we see in the real estate industry:

  1. Hiring the Wrong Movers: It’s great to bring on a team to help with the move. But be careful only to hire reputable, licensed movers. Choosing an inexperienced team increases the likelihood of problems. Common issues with movers include damage to your belongings or a high bill for the services. Do your research so you can vet the moving company you’d like to hire.
  2. Limited Time: Procrastinating your packing until the last minute can result in sleepless nights and high stress. It takes longer than you expect to pack your things. The longer you’ve lived in the house, the more time you will need to sort through the closets. So, start early and be proactive about working through everything one room at a time. Packing in a hurry is one of the moving mistakes that will increase your workload.
  3. Address Changes: You have a lot going on with the closing of your new property and preparing to move. Don’t forget to update your address! Notify all your banks, medical providers, employers, and other people who need to know about your address change. Plus, it’s smart to set up a short-term mail forwarding with the post office in case you miss anything. You’ll see a label on the envelope when the letters are forwarded. Use this yellow notification as a reminder to notify the company of your address.
  4. Decluttering: Avoid moving mistakes by clearing out the clutter before packing your boxes. Moving is a good opportunity to assess your personal items. What are you really using? Is there anything you should send to a donation center? Sort through the closets and storage areas thoroughly. Create a few piles: things to keep, throw away, and donate.
  5. New Space: Consider the size of your furniture to decide if you have enough room in your new home. If you are downsizing, then it might be best to sell the old furniture and bring in new, smaller furniture. It’s smart to measure your new home and visualize how the furniture will fit. Always measure before you start moving the big items.

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