How to Prepare for a Home Inspection

In many ways, a home inspector’s job is to help sellers and buyers bridge the gap between their competing goals. Sellers want to sell their place quickly at maximum dollar.  Buyers want to buy a home at the best price possible. A home inspection will shed light on the current condition of a property, helping the parties to reach a fair price agreement.  This article discusses How to Prepare for a Home Inspection.

If you’re selling your home in Atlanta, preparing for a home inspection will improve the inspector’s findings.  First impressions really do go a long way, and spending a bit of time and money in preparation can help you to alleviate concerns and to sell the home at top dollar. Here are several things you can do to prepare:

Clean the House

A clean home says a lot about who you are as an owner, and how well you care for the property overall. During the home inspection, the inspector will try not to let their observation of a dirty house affect their job, but the truth is –it likely will. They are only human. Do yourself a favor and make your home presentable and clean.

Make the Home Inspection Easy

Make it easy for home inspectors to access to the areas where they need to work. For example, a utility closet where furnace and water heaters are located.  If any clutter or storage items are blocking access to these fixtures, make sure to remove them. The inspector will need three or four feet of space to work.

You’ll also want to provide clear access to the attic, basement, and garage. Any boxes, bookshelves, furniture, or other items should be pulled away from the walls by two or three feet. Be sure to clear any dust or cobwebs. Pay attention to indications of spider or rodent problems that you can handle yourself. Look for evidence of water, dampness, or mold in the basement.

Leave labeled keys on the kitchen counter for any unattached garage or out buildings. Unlock the sprinkler system and circuit breaker box. You should also clear away any debris such as dead leaves, branches, and brush away from the exterior of the house. Any items obstructing access to the outside wall foundations should also be pulled away.

Make Documents Available

If you’ve done any work on the home, make sure to leave the inspector access to review the documents. Lay a file folder with home maintenance invoices and receipts out with the keys. Think of any remodeling, appliance repair or replacement, roofing replacement, etc. These details are important during every home inspection.

Plan to Be Away for a Few Hours

A home inspection can take as long as three hours. Potential buyers often come with the home inspector so that they can ask questions. Your presence can hamper their ability to openly ask questions, so be sure to leave until the inspection is complete.

Here to Help

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How to Prepare for a Home Inspection