When you are house hunting, it’s important to have questions to ask your real estate agent that provide insight and context about a potential home you are considering to purchase. Hastily purchasing a new home without doing any due diligence may lead to regrets. That’s where having questions to ask your real estate agent can go a long way. Start with the following:

What do I need to know about this neighborhood?

You hear it all the time: location is everything. And it really is true! Good home locations are found in communities with convenient commute times, proximity to local schools, neighborhood grocery stores, freeway access, and other important amenities. You’ll also want to learn whether the area is growing or in decline. Future demand in the area is good for the future value of the home.  Lastly, check out the potential for any nuisance issues. Are there any surrounding establishments or neighbors that might cause problems during nights or weekends? Do your homework. Be ready with these types of questions to ask your real estate agent.

What is the price of this home based on?

There are a number of factors that can influence the price of a home. Just because the seller is asking one price, doesn’t mean that is what it is necessarily worth. Most asking prices are based on comparable pricing of homes recently bought and sold in the neighborhood. But the homeowner is the one who makes the final decision about how much to ask for the home.

A seller agent’s job is to maximize the sales price, while the buyer agent’s job is to get the best deal possible for their client. As you are shopping for a home in the Atlanta area, try to learn why the seller has priced the home at the amount they are asking. Did they recently upgrade the home in any way that increased value? How many offers have been put made on the home? How long has the home been for sale?

What is the replacement or repair history of the home?

Homes require maintenance and general upkeep. If previous homeowners have failed to maintain the place, any fix-it work will fall to you. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have questions to ask your real estate agent about updates and repairs. You’ll want to ask about things such as when the roof was last replaced, any plumbing or electrical or heating and air issues, adequacy of ventilation and insulation, mold or toxicity problems, etc.

A qualified home inspector can help you determine any current concerns before you sign on the dotted line. But prior homeowners are required to disclose details of any damage or issues that have been, or still are, a problem with the home.

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