You don’t need to increase the square footage in your property to create a home that is spacious and comfortable. A little bit of design magic can go a long way to open up your rooms and give you the feeling that you are living in an open floorplan.

One area that should be considered is the design and layout of your bathroom. Here are a few tips to help make a small bathroom look spacious:

  • Add Mirrors: It is common for a mirror to be placed over the sink, but that doesn’t need to be the only location for mirrors in the room. Look for other wall space where mirrors can be installed. Multiple mirrors help to increase reflected light and make a small bathroom look spacious.
  • Improve the Lighting: Not only should you add brighter lightbulbs; also consider replacing the light fixtures. When the room is dark, it will feel smaller than it actually is. On the other hand, bringing in more light will brighten the corners and improve the feeling of the room.
  • Repaint the Walls: Another option to brighten the bathroom is to add a lighter shade of paint on the walls. Use the same color of paint on the walls and ceiling. When different paint colors are used, then it chops up the space into different sections, making it feel smaller.
  • Improve Storage and Clutter: One of the fastest ways to make a bathroom look small is by filling the counters and cupboards with a lot of stuff. Look for ways that you can streamline the storage systems to avoid storage containers that stick out from the walls. Also, get rid of anything that isn’t used regularly. If you aren’t using the item, then don’t store it in the bathroom.
  • Glass Doors: Consider the option to install a glass door on the shower. Swinging doors and shower curtains block off half of the room, making a small bathroom feel smaller. On the other hand, glass is a great solution so that you can protect the bathroom from the water without closing off the space. For the best results, choose a clear, frameless shower door and skip the frosted glass and bulky hardware to make a small bathroom look spacious.
  • Eliminate Cupboards Under the Sink: A pedestal sink is a way to remove some of the bulk in the room. If you don’t have much to store in the vanity, then a pedestal is the way to go so that you can use a smaller amount of space.

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