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It's Easy to Join Our Commission Sharing Club

Step 1.  Pay here to hold your spot.  Your Membership Fee will be refunded by Amazon Gift Card upon a successful closing wherein Rhonda Duffy’s Commission has been shared with you.

Self Search Membership

Step 3.  The Agreement will be sent to you for e-signature.

This is a SAMPLE Agreement of What You Will Be Signing


Rhonda Duffy’s Commission Sharing for Self-Searching Buyer Plan


Commission Sharing Plan is only applicable to Buyers who are purchasing a property that is more than $100,000.00 in sales price.


Retainer Fee of $39.00 is required and is non refundable unless a sale is consummated using DUFFY Realty as the Buyer’s Broker and at that time, the Fee will be returned to Buyer in the form of an Amazon Gift card within 5 days of the closing date.


This plan is only applicable for Self-Searching Buyers who have a pre-qualification letter or even stronger a pre-approval letter or proof of funds letter that is dated within 30 days of the start date and is updated every 30 days.


All Buyers that will be on the Purchase and Sale Agreement will need to sign a document.  Buyer 1 will sign this document and Buyer 2 will sign a supplement document.




City, State and Zip:                                                           

Phone Number Buyer 1:

Phone Number Buyer 2:

Email Buyer 1:

Email Buyer 2:


Can receive texts

Buyer 1:  

Buyer 2:


Agreement Date: 

End Date:


Bank Name:

Last 4 Digits of Account to Put Commission In:


Agreements may be continued by Buyer and Agent if continued within 2 days of expiration.  A new Agreement will be signed but the Retainer Fee from the original Agreement will remain in effect.  This Agreement may be terminated by either party by email.


This is a non-exclusive Agreement that allows the buyer to work with any agent during this Agreement.  When buyer is with a member of Rhonda Duffy’s team – Brokerage DUFFY Realty – Buyer is being represented as a Client.  This Agreement complies with: State law prohibits Broker from representing Buyer as a client without first entering into a written agreement with Buyer under O.C.G.A. § 10-6A-1 et. seq.  A Client relationship means that we have a duty to represent your interests versus the Seller who is paying the commission.


If there is a need for a designated agency because you are interested in purchasing a DUFFY listing, a designated agent from our team will be assigned to you.


Once you become a Plan Member by signing this Agreement and paying the retainer fee, you will get access to Rhonda’s proprietary 8 Step Timeline that will make you a very powerful buyer.  You will uncover all of the secrets that parties in the transaction may be hiding from you.  It will be your responsibility to use the tools.  


Buyer’s Duties:

  • Understand that if you see a home with another agent (especially the listing agent) we will not be able to represent you for that home. The agent that shows you the home will have procuring cause and claims to the commission.  Initials: 

  • Follow the 8 Step Protection Timeline very carefully to protect yourself.  Initials:

  • Search online for homes that you want to see.

  • Do the research about the home online.

  • Drive by the home and research the neighborhood including using the tools in the Timeline.

  • At the time of acceptance into the membership, you will be sent a Welcome Letter.  Use the appointment link to see the home and Rhonda Duffy will have an assistant show you the home.  

  • When you want to make an offer, use the Letter of Intent that has our formula for buying on it.

  • Do all of the due diligence on the Timeline during the Due Diligence period.

  • Attend the inspection – DUFFY may or may not attend the inspection.  After the inspection, send the form to us for us to write the Amendment to negotiate to get the repairs done.

  • Attend the closing – DUFFY may or may not be at closing.

  • Fill out the Direct Deposit form.

  • Give DUFFY 3 reviews on the internet.  We will send links.


As homes are seen by you in this system, we will be keeping track and sharing with you where you stand in the Commission Sharing.


Rhonda’s Team Duties:

  • Represent you as a Client to protect your rights on any listed property.

  • Open the door of the homes that you want to see.

  • At the time of offer, DUFFY’s Legal Compliance and Negotiation duties will start including writing the contract and taking the steps necessary to get your wishes in a legal agreement that you can go to closing with.

  • Send you your Commission Share within 5 days of closing by Direct Deposit.

Buyer agrees that should they not tell DUFFY that they have seen the property with another agent and the agent sues DUFFY for commission under procuring cause, Buyer will be liable for any attorney fees and settlement fees due to agent at that time.  Initials:

All claims arising out of or relating to this Agreement and the alleged acts or omissions of any or all the parties hereunder shall be resolved by arbitration in accordance with the Federal Arbitration Act 9 U.S.C. § 1 et. seq. and the rules and procedures of the arbitration company selected to administer the arbitration. 


Additionally, Buyer acknowledges that Broker: shall, under no circumstances, have any liability greater than the amount of the real estate commission paid hereunder to Broker (excluding any commission amount paid to a cooperating broker, if any) or, if no real estate commission is paid to broker, than a sum not to exceed $100; and notwithstanding the above, shall have no liability for any loss of funds as the result of wire or cyber fraud in excess of $100.00.

The Self-Search Club Membership Commission Sharing Plan is as follows:

Properties Seen With DUFFY

Your Split of Commission

1 – 8
















The fee for return visits to a home is $35.00 per 30-minute visit.  The fee(s) will be subtracted from your commission share.


This Agreement is based on properties seen, not contracts written.  Until a purchase is made, this Agreement keeps counting properties seen.

Buyer agrees that DUFFY may place a 10 day SOLD by DUFFY sign on new property.




I agree with all of the terms of this Agreement and understand that if I choose not to protect my interests as a buyer, there could be consequences to my purchase that I will be solely responsible for.  I also agree that failure to follow the steps by only seeing homes with DUFFY could forfeit my ability to get Commission Sharing.  All parties to this agreement agree that the commission sharing will be placed in the bank account stated in this agreement. 


Buyer 1


If there are additional Buyers to this Purchase, there will be Supplement Agreements signed agreeing to these terms.  


Thank you for your business,
Rhonda Duffy, Broker  DUFFY Realty

[email protected] (address yourself as Self-Searching Buyer)

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