Are you ready to buy a new home, but you are feeling overwhelmed by the financial burden associated with moving? Not only will you be taking on a mortgage, but there are many other expenses that pop up along the way. One area where home buyers are losing a lot of money is in the commissions that are paid to the real estate agent.

Here at DUFFY Realty, we have transformed the old-fashioned real estate pricing model into a new format that works better for our clients. The old commission structures that many real estate agents use will cost your family thousands of dollars! Instead, our flat-fee pricing structure will help you save a ton of money, so that you can use the money for other things instead.

How much Money will You Save?

So, if you choose DUFFY Realty, how much money will you save compared to the traditional real estate fees? An extra $9,000 is the average commission that we save our clients.

An extra $9,000!

Why spend that money on expensive real estate commissions when you can get top-notch services at a fraction of the cost?

What Will You Do with an Extra $9,000?

By saving this money on your real estate fees, there are a variety of things that you can do with your family instead. Here are a few ideas of how to use that extra $9,000 that it might work for your needs:

  • Remodel the bathrooms
  • Update the kitchen
  • Put in new flooring
  • Repaint the walls
  • Upgrade the windows and doors in your home
  • Buy new appliances
  • Upgrade the yard to prepare for summer parties
  • Go on a vacation with the kids
  • Buy a car for your teenager
  • Invest in a camping trailer
  • Pick out new furniture for the living room
  • Pay for music lessons or tutoring sessions for your kids
  • Save for a rainy day
  • Invest in a retirement account

The possibilities are endless! The best thing that you can do is consider the needs of your family and then make a purchase that best suits your preferences and priorities. If your new home needs some TLC, then this money can be used to create the home of your dreams. Otherwise, you can use the extra $9,000 to have fun with your family on an awesome vacation or by investing in outdoor equipment such as a four-wheeler or camping trailer.

There isn’t a right or wrong answer. As long as you are spending the extra $9,000 to improve your home or build memories with your kids, then you will be making a great decision.

Here at DUFFY Realty, we want to help you save money so that you can care for the needs of your family. Call us to learn about our flat-fee commission structure that will save you thousands of dollars: (678) 318-1700