🏡🤔When to List Your Home – Market Update for Spring 2023


When to List Your Home – Market Update for Spring 2023:

When should you list?

Do you want to know all of the creative options to sell your home?

With DUFFY it’s like being a fisherman and casting a wider net on the other side of the boat that catches ALL fish versus just one kind.


First, this has been a very fickle market. March-May of 2022 we saw unprecedented price increases and multiple offers. The summer was still strong but slower than the spring had been. Then in the fall, everything quit selling. Prices came down from where they had been in the spring. The winter months continued this trend. Likely because of the increasing interest rates.


What should we expect this year? We have started to see homes selling very quickly again and receiving multiple offers. The common denominator for these homes is they have been in great condition and the price reflected that. Homes that need a little work are also selling fast if they are not overpriced.


When to List Your Home – Market Update for Spring 2023: We don’t know where 2023 will take us with prices and interest rates. There are lots of predictions that show fluctuations so there is no way to know who to believe. What we do know with absolute certainty, with 22 years of experience and over 42,000 sold properties, is you want to list your home when you have the least competition. The more competition you have the less likely you will sell fast and with multiple offers. You can see this from the summer of 2022 when things slowed down because by June we had the highest number of homes on the market so far for the year.


So, there is a risk in waiting to list, and getting the home “ready”. If your price reflects the condition you don’t need to worry about spending time and money on repairs. Simply clean and de-clutter. Don’t procrastinate, get your home on the market ASAP! There are many options if you can’t move out until later, just ask us!


Do you know the true cost for an agent to sell your home? Did you know the 5-6% commission covers all of the expenses for the agent on the properties they did not sell? Selling with DUFFY is like contributing to YOUR retirement or college fund and not other agents. List and Sell with DUFFY for less than 1%.


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