Helpful Tips on Making a Living in Two States

If you’ve been thinking about living in multiple states, but have been doubtful about whether you could ever pull it off, there are ways you can make it happen. All it takes is some careful planning and a solid strategy to strike the perfect balance. Presented by Duffy Realty of Atlanta, here are some helpful tips on making a living in two states.

Make the necessary arrangements beforehand

If your business is one of your topmost concerns, then it’s best to make the necessary arrangements well in advance to ensure your business is covered should anything unforeseen arise. For example, you could go with a registered agent to ensure your company stays on top of its tax and legal requirements while you’re gone. Moreover, your registered agent can help you keep an eye on things so that everything to do with your company documentation works like clockwork. Just remember to set up your employees for success by leaving them all the information they need to accomplish their tasks while you’re away.

Purchasing with intent
When splitting your time between two locations, you’ll need to purchase items with more intent so you know you’re not spending unwisely. One of the things you can do to avoid impulse buying is to carefully look at reviews before purchasing any products or services; this way, you’ll know that what you’re getting is in the best interests of your family. For example, you may want to purchase play equipment such as trampolines, skateboards, or scooters for your kids. By trusting the reviews of other parents who have given their honest opinion about these products, you’ll have the assurance that these items are safe to use.

Looking carefully at your expenses
Indeed, you’ll probably have to take a closer look at your budget to see where you can cut down on costs, especially since you’ll need to stretch your budget to accommodate two separate sets of expenses. This is where reducing double expenditures comes into play, especially if you aren’t going to use something as simple as cable TV in both locations. So, for example, you could choose to live stream in one place and cable in another to cut expenses. Alternatively, you could create an even stricter budget by canceling your cable and other subscriptions, such as your gym membership, and instead opt for free and more affordable options by joining a hiking or jogging club, for example.  Here are some more helpful tips on making a living in two states.

A few other things you may want to take into account when choosing your ultimate destinations can include:

● Finding storage options that will work for you cost-wise. For example, if you’re looking for self-storage units in the greater San Antonio area, then you’re likely to find affordable options starting from just $89.99 for a 5’x5′ self-storage unit.
● If affordable housing is what you’re after, then Georgia is the place to be.
● If quality education is a priority for you, then you’ll be happy to know that New Jersey is ranked number one in the country for education.
● As of 2020, Wichita, Texas, had the lowest cost of living in the country.
● If being outdoors with your family is important to you, then Seattle is a good option, with lots to see and do outside.

So, if you are considering moving between different states any time soon, be sure to make the necessary provisions when you are away by hiring a registered agent, for example, to back you up when you’re traveling here, there, and everywhere.

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Written By: Patrick Young, an educator, and activist.