Have you set a few goals to improve your home in 2019? Now that we’ve welcomed the New Year, it’s time to look forward and determine the things you want to improve in your life in 2019. Whether you are preparing to sell your home or you want to make a few improvements to update your current home, don’t overlook the importance of home renovations especially kitchen design trends.

Kitchen Renovations to Improve Your Home

There’s no question that the kitchen is the “heart of the home.” This room is the area where families gather for meals, fun cooking activities, and casual conversations around the table. It is important that the kitchen is designed to be a relaxing, functional workspace so that you can enjoy this area of your home with your loved ones.

In fact, many people agree that the kitchen design should be a priority when looking for a new home. Upgrading your kitchen can make it easier to sell the property. These strategies can also be used if you are planning to stay for a while and want to refresh your living space.

Current and Upcoming Kitchen Trends

Here are some of the kitchen design trends that will be popular in 2019:

  • Counter Space: Plenty of surface space is every chef’s dream. Not only do homeowners want a lot of working area for meal prep, but it makes it easier to spend time together when there is enough counter room to invite family members to participate in meal preparation. The most common design method is to add a spacious island.
  • Butler’s Pantry: Storage space is another aspect that needs to be considered in the kitchen design. Home buyers love the idea of a walk-in pantry with ample shelving for food, small appliances, and more.
  • Color: White and grey have been the most popular colors in past years. Now, designers are going bold by adding color back into the paint. Black and other darker shades are starting to make an appearance as accent colors in the kitchen.
  • Open Floorplan: It is common for buyers to be looking for a “great room” with an open kitchen, dining, and living room. If you are investing in major renovations, explore options to open up the space to create a spacious environment.
  • High Tech Appliances: Not only are new appliances convenient because of the smart technology that can be built in, but they are also helpful to reduce energy costs. Select appliances with Energy Star ratings if you are looking to cut utility bills.

It can be helpful to tap into professional services when you are preparing for home renovations, kitchen design trends or upgrades. Talk to an interior designer as well as a real estate expert to learn more about the features that are desired in the industry right now. For more information about local real estate trends, call DUFFY Realty at (678) 318-1700