The Real Estate Powerhouse

Rhonda Duffy is The Real Estate Powerhouse. She got her nickname from the fact that she has sold over 6,500 homes in just 6 years, and that is just on the listing side of her business. Many people over the years have asked her what one element brought her such success. Her staff would say consistency has led her to her success, but Rhonda will tell you another story.

Rhonda states that her success comes from a willingness to be opinion less.

That means that she gathers information on a daily basis, processes how that information could impact a house sale and then gives the information to her clients willingly, no matter how stupid the idea sounds. This empowers her clients to either choose or not to choose her feedback. Rhonda does not give personal opinion about whether or not the idea will work. She just processes in her mind if it is “doable” during the house selling process. This one step of running the criteria on the ideas has helped formulate the most empowering and powerful program in the history of home sales in Atlanta, Georgia.

Few people have the skills that Rhonda has to look at something, run a common sense examination on it and then tweak it for maximum performance. Yet, when Rhonda re-frames the thinking of anyone she talks to by using her Neuro Linguistic Training (NLP) it seems to make sense.

Rhonda is also balancing her thoughts and the criteria that she runs on an idea with energy. The use of energy and breathing can reveal many elements to an idea that will take that idea right over the top and make it work. And the fact that few people have this skill is really nonsense. Rhonda believes that everyone has this skill, they just don’t have the tools yet to use this skill.

Rhonda is also in a continuing state of learning. “When you apply curiosity to your life, you empower yourself to accept thinking that you were ignoring before,” says Rhonda. “Curiosity is the root to happiness and self esteem. If you continually look at things the way you always have and keep getting the same results you always have, and yet you don’t desire those results, you would qualify as insane. You must seek different and more challenging results in life to maintain a balance of joy and happiness. Of course I am not saying to ignore your own values. However, you do need to make sure that you have a valid reason to have that value. Sometimes we don’t know how, when or why we have certain beliefs. That is really dangerous when it is applied to choices that you make everyday and then coach others on”, Duffy adds.

So, consistency and curiosity to see how something would and will work when applied to the situation are the two keys to being a Powerhouse. It really is quite simple, isn’t it?

For more information on Rhonda Duffy, The Real Estate Powerhouse, go to www.DuffyRealtyofAtlanta.com or call 678-366-7846.

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