3 Home-buying tips for the Atlanta area

This article is 3 Home-buying tips for the Atlanta area. Buying a home can be an overwhelming experience. A house is a big investment, and you don’t want to wake up a few days after closing feeling as though you’ve made a big mistake. Buyer’s remorse is all too common — 86 percent of people […]

Staging – Good Process Has to Happen Anyway!

In this article, we will discuss Staging – Good Process Has to Happen Anyway!. Myth 1: Many people believe that they can Stage their own home, I disagree. I am an accredited Stager and I can’t do my home, neither can many of the Stagers that I know. Myth 2: You can’t keep your home […]

Agents Speak About Bad Photos

I have been collecting the comments on the post that I sent out to agents across the country with the Wonder Bread and Snickers Bar picture on a previous post on this site. In this article, we will discuss Agents Speak About Bad Photos. Here are their comments so far… Comment by Lisa Heindel, New […]

The Neighbors Know Everything

Many buyers have a ton of questions before they can be serious about buying a home. Most sellers believe that the buyer’s agent who will bring these buyers to their home actually understands the features and benefits of the lifestyle that their home represents. Unfortunately, most of the time the buyer’s agent is new to […]

When Being A For Sale By Owner Matters

Every home that is for sale should be a for sale by owner. All homeowners should take the opportunity to market their home to friends and family, co-workers and social acquaintances. Many homes are sold the old-fashioned way, networking. But the traditional agent system has not promoted this side of networking. In this article, we […]