Summer Energy Saving Tips

We all need air conditioning to stay comfortable during the soaring temperatures of the summer. But you can still stay cool while saving energy and money using our tips to prepare your home and maintain your air conditioning equipment.

Save on home energy costs!

A home energy audit allows you to assess how much energy you use at home so you can take steps to make your house more energy efficient. Professional energy audits generally go into great detail. The energy auditor should do a room-by-room examination of the residence, as well as a thorough examination of past utility […]

Best Things To Buy In January

I am all about saving money, and here are some of the items I think you will be able to find deals on in the month of January:


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The Top 10 Travel Websites

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Are you traveling?
Looking for Travel Deals?
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The Top 10 Travel Websites:


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Active Trader: Time to Curb Your Enthusiasm

But this is a dangerous time, experts say, because a trader’s inflated ego can get in the way of sound investing decisions. The thrill of buying a winning stock can keep them from selling that stock and locking in profits. “The human mentality is to want to have a winner,” says Todd Salamone, senior vice president of research for Schaeffer’s Investment Research. “It’s psychologically hard to admit you’re wrong.” Meanwhile volatility, after seemingly taking the summer off, has started to return to the stock market. The CBOE Volatility Index, known as the VIX and a commonly-used guage of the market’s volatility, was as low as 22 in mid-August, but popped up above 30 last week.

Is it Worth Having a Gym Membership?

Lately, I’ve been thinking of canceling my gym membership. What I’ve found is that most people do not use their gym membership to its full capacity, especially for as much as we all pay for it. My membership is a dollar a day, which is approximately $35 dollars a month including taxes. How often do you go to the gym in a month? Is it worth $35 a month? I haven’t been to the gym for about two months and I usually go once every other month and I know for a fact that I have not use it like I should. If you do use your gym membership—that is awesome, you are definitely getting your money’s worth!

Can your local school district help you save money?

Right here in the state of Georgia, it’s almost time for school again. We’re roughly one month away. One of the things to look for as you’re trying to save money in these tight times is to see what your local school may be able to do for you. There are two quick things that you should look at in your research in saving money.