AMEX Points: Try The Clearance Rack

People often ask me what is the best type of credit card to get when it comes to frequent flier or cash back awards. I’ll cover some of my favorite reward cards in other post, but in today’s blog I thought I would share how to make the most of your AMEX card.   Sad to say, but most people who carry the GOLD or PLATINUM card don’t ever look at or use most of the benefits of card.   What most consumers are aware of is that with each purchase they rack up 1 point for every dollar they spend.   So how do you make the most of your rewards?  Check the CLEARANCE rack.  Here’s an example of three items you can get in the clearance section on AMEX membership rewards today. (source: When you click the membership rewards link in your AMEX account, you’ll notice on the far right hand side a link called ‘specials’.  If you click this link it will take you to all of the merchandise…

Don’t think negatively….. Real Estate Agents

One of my agents at Duffy Realty of Atlanta, Melissa Boring, sent me an e-mail with the following message: “I know you have heard it all but in making my expired calls today I had a seller tell me her real estate agent said 1 day before expiration: “In today’s market you either have to […]